When Kevin Pietersen called James Faulkner “intellectually challenged clown”!

The banter between English cricketer Kevin Pietersen and Australian all rounder James Faulkner keeps on taking some interesting twists and turns but the fun continues. Faulkner and Pietersen have been poking fun at each other whenever there was an opportunity for the grab.

Pietersen on his way to Australia from South Africa was travelling in an airline named Qantas where on board he was denied to enter the air lounge as he was wearing flip flops. Pietersen took it to his Twitter handle to express his disappointment about the incident. Also Read: The banter between Kevin Pietersen and James Faulkner continues

As both Pietersen and Faulkner are a part of the Melbourne Stars team in the Big Bash League, the latter captured a picture of his counterpart while he was enjoying some delicious food in a lounge. Faulkner posted Pietersen’s picture on his Instagram handle and wrote, “Guess whose back in the @qantas lounge enjoying himself… @kp24 He’s not sooking today!!

Guess whose back in the @qantas lounge enjoying himself… @kp24 He’s not sooking today!! 

A photo posted by James Faulkner (@jfaulkner44) on

Faulkner taunted Pietersen as he was denied from entering the lounge and a funny comment through his caption. In a rush of blood perhaps, Faulkner made a small grammatical error in his captions where he wrote ‘whose’ instead of ‘who’s’.  Pietersen was alert to spot the error and took it to his Twitter handle and fought fire with fire in his tweet which reads:

As of now the ambience in the dressing room is very calm and energetic but all eyes will be set on the two when they take on the field together. Melbourne Stars will take on Adelaide Strikers on Friday and one can expect sheer entertainment at Adelaide.