When Virender Sehwag’s mother prepared ladoos for Aamir Khan
Photo courtesy: Getty Images

The very mention of Virender Sehwag’s mother takes us back to the mobile advertisement aired during the ICC World Cup 2003. Reliance did change mobile dynamics in India and Sehwag redefined batting in international cricket. Even actor Aamir Khan went on to make the decade his own with path-breaking approach to cinema.

Aamir’s love for cricket is well-known and fans have memories of him cheering for Team India during the ICC World Cup 2011 final at Mumbai alongside superstar Rajnikanth. Hailed as Mr Perfectionist, Aamir received a pleasant surprise when he was shooting for his upcoming film Dangal in New Delhi as he was visited by the recently retired Sehwag.

Aamir has been putting on weight for his role as a wrestler and the ladoos that Sehwag brought along with him were just too tempting. Sehwag’s mother Krishna had prepared the ladoos. The two superstars bonded well on various subjects including cricket.

Despite having retired from international cricket, Sehwag still rules the roost in the sport. He is currently leading the Gemini Arabians in the Masters Champions League (MCL) and on Thursday started the tournament with a massive six. Even Aamir, at 50, is regarded one of the finest in Indian cinema. His last release PK went on to be the most successful Indian film ever and expectations are high from Dangal as well.