Luis Suarez and his mega-bite

The social media has erupted after Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini in Uruguay’s World Cup encounter against Italy. Humjee Break-Sheikh lists a few of the reactions.

Social media had not been in vogue when Zinedine Zidane had head-butted Marco Materazzi during FIFA World Cup final 2006. As a result Zidane was not ridiculed around the world: he had got away with a couple of videos that had gone viral at that point of time (some of which are still available on YouTube).

Suarez was not so fortunate when he, for reasons best known to him, bit Giorgio Chiellini. In fact, with simultaneous matches going on, several fans got to know of the incident from Twitter, arguably the most powerful form of media as far as spreading of news is concerned. It did not take time for #Suarez to become a trending hashtag.

Here, then, are the best of Suarez from Facebook:

Steve Jobs, once co-owner of Pixar Animation Studio, would have appreciated the sense of humour here. Of course, he had no idea that his logo — one of the most popular ones in the world — would be interpreted in a different form by @NeilSanghavi, but here you go.


Given that the strength of his teeth had been tested to the extreme (well, at least if one goes by the standards required of footballers during matches), one could see this Guinness Book of World Records entry coming from @PeerIndex.



This one from @piesportsbooze was perhaps inspired DreamWorks Animation’s 2005 production Madagascar (remember the scene when Alex sees everyone as steaks?), but innovative nevertheless.


This question asked by Telegraph Sport is an obvious one. The world certainly demands an answer.



It had perhaps taken @SBOJ_Nick some time to find this photograph, but it is appropriate nevertheless.



This picture of Chiellini sums up the incident rather aptly.




Student Beans has taken advantage of the incident and has managed to come up with a rather innovative way to advertise their product.




@n9thanferguson has, meanwhile, come up with a suggestion for a sponsorship deal.



@Pickledjhon thinks that Suarez has solved a perpetual problem that used to separate mortals from Spelling Bees.



@AutomaticDrivin comes up with a rather cool menu.


@robsteel10 came up with a rather simplistic approach to winning matches.




#Suarez is a great player but he’s got to lay off the Italian food.

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) June 24, 2014