Manchester: Former England captain Nasser Hussain had said that while it is an evolving situation where the Test match has been called off, it is still not clear who has forfeited the final Test and the actual result of the game has not been clarified yet. However, the former England captain did go on to express his sympathies with the Indian players and said it is only understandable that didn’t wish to go ahead with the Test match, more so when their second physiotherapist Yogesh Parmar tested positive for COVID-19.

“While it is an evolving situation, it’s a mess. The only thing I can tell you is that the final Test is off. There won’t be a Test match here at Old Trafford. There’s not one here scheduled for next year for the moment. This Test match is not happening. There is still a debate about who has forfeited and the actual result of the game, that hasn’t been clarified yet. The ECB will work that out with India and the ICC in due course. So, there’s been no forfeiture. It is just an evolving situation where this Test match has been cancelled and that will be the end of the Indian tour of England,” said Hussain while speaking to Sky Sports from Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Hussain also went on to add that he did feel for the Indian players, especially after Parmar returned a positive result. “I have a lot of sympathy with the Indian players. I think its their second physio — the first physio with Ravi Shastri and rest of the backroom staff — fifth day at The Oval, they had to isolate after testing positive. The second physio who had been treating all the players. You can imagine fifth Test match. There will be sore bodies, sore bowlers. You cannot do physiotherapy without close contact and without literally being in the faces. So have a lot of sympathy with all those players and even though they have tested negative, a couple of times now the incubation period, two or three days, they will be worried suddenly in the middle of the Test match, they test positive and suddenly three or four players have to go down and then you have covid subs, etc. It is a mess.”

The 53-year-old Hussain showed his sympathies for the fans who were on their way to the stadium for watching the Test match. “But my actual sympathy is with the crowd. I got into the cab this morning to come here, someone shouted ‘I will see you down at the ground’. I was like ‘I don’t think you will for what I am hearing’. People would have booked hotels and taken off days from their work. I am hearing from the ECB that there will be a refund on ticket sales.

“But I can imagine how many people have waited to come here and watch this Test match which was set up perfectly. 2-1 up India, England could bounce back. It is always a great Test match in an atmosphere here. After what both sides and cricket have been through the summer, it would have been nice just to finish it off. Everyone on the backroll, the bubble time they have done and everything that has been done to get this series on, it is a real shame that it has to end on such a low note,” concluded Hussain.

(With IANS Inputs)