AB de Villiers has redefined batting and is considered as one of the most dangerous batsmen across formats. For oppositions, an early dismissal of de Villiers is like a boon granted by the almighty. In an One-Day International (ODI) between Zimbabwe and South Africa in Bulawayo in August 2015, de Villiers did something extremely out of the box and gifted his wicket to the Zimbabwean side.

South Africa while batting first were 59 for two in the 12th over. While batting de Villiers assumed that he had clipped one straying down the leg from Prosper Utseya, towards fine-leg and ran for the single, but it wasn’t what de Viliers had anticipated. The eventually the ball just hit the pads of the wicketkeeper, Richmond Mutumbami and halted. In a rush of blood perhaps, de Villiers ran for the single as he was unaware of the fact where the ball went, Mutumbami in no time collected the ball and disturbed the stumps which led to the dismissal of South African superstar.

A disappointing moment for de Villiers indeed but by the look, it was one of the most hilarious run outs seen. The genius managed a smile as he walked off the field.