Abbas wants non-controversial coach for Pakistan

Zaheer Abbas said Pakistan team has made strides under Waqar Younis as the coach and hence considering a Pakistani replacement for the job made sense Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Karachi: Aug 31, 2011

Former Pakistan batsman Zaheer Abbas said he prefers a Pakistani to succeed Waqar Younis as the national coach following Waqar’s success as a coach in a short stint with the national team.

Abbas was quoted in PakPassion as saying, “My preference is for the next coach of the Pakistan cricket team to be Pakistani. The team has made strides under Waqar’s leadership and we need to build on this.”

Abbas believes a foreign coach would find it tough to perform considering the situation in the country.

He said, “Although not entirely against a foreign coach, I think a non-Asian coach would be worried about the situation in Pakistan, and this may affect the time he can spend in the country and how well he can perform the job.”

Abbas felt that a Pakistani coach needs to be non-controversial, and someone who has played at the highest level of the game for a lengthy period of time. He also needs to be mature to handle the team.

Abbas prefered the future to be handed long-term contract, and clear communication to all concerned people within team management with regards to the roles of various people to avoid confusion.

“I’d prefer if the next coach was given a 3-year contract. That way he knows that he has some security in the role and some time to mould the team. In addition, the role and responsibilities of the coach should be made clear to the coach himself and the captain, meaning that there should be no confusion on what the coach’s responsibility and domain is and there is no overlapping of duties,” said the former Pakistan manager.