Abdul Qadir has ridiculed the need to have a head coach for the national team in any format © AFP
Abdul Qadir has ridiculed the need to have a head coach for the national team in any format © AFP

Karachi: Pakistan‘s spin great Abdul Qadir has ridiculed the need to have a head coach for the national team in any format and blamed the ICC for trying to sell this idea to all cricket playing nations. “Having a coach is a waste of money and nothing else. In cricket there is no need for a coach. The captain is the leader and the main driving force behind everything,” Qadir said in an interview. He advised the Pakistan Cricket Board to stop wasting its energy and money on appointing a new coach in place of Waqar Younis who resigned after the team’s poor performance in the Asia Cup and World T20. Live Cricket Scorecard: Gujarat Lions  vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore , Live Score, 19th T20 Match, IPL 2016

“Tell me do players who have played international cricket need any coaching. As far as motivating players or planning strategies is concerned in cricket the captain is the right man to do this,” he added. He said the PCB should utilise the money it spends on coaches on improving its domestic cricket structure and giving domestic players more benefits. “I would also urge the ICC to stop this practice of sending coaches or promoting coaching concepts in other countries as it achieves nothing,” he said. Live Cricket Scorecard: Rising Pune Supergiants  vs  Kolkata Knight Riders , Live Score, 20th T20 Match, IPL 2016

Qadir said Pakistan cricket had experimented with foreign coaches for years with no success. “Between 1999 and 2014 we had several foreign coaches and what have they achieved is nothing. The only time we won the 1992 World Cup or the 2009 World T20 title Intikhab Alam was in charge of the team.” Qadir advised the PCB to give total powers to the captain and appoint a manager with him who has a strong cricket background and knowledge to help the captain. READ: Abdul Qadir wants National Accountability Bureau to investigate Pakistan Cricket Board

“Whenever we lose a series or tournament the captain and coach blame each other for the results. To put an end to this practice it is best the captain is made wholly responsible for everything in the team,” he said. Qadir said that no coach can ever make an average player great. “At the end of the day it is the player’s own personal passion, willpower, determination and hunger to improve his skills and become a top professional which makes him a better player. READ: Sachin Tendulkar launches into Abdul Qadir: 6,0,4,6,6,6

Qadir said there was nothing wrong with having qualified physiotherapists, fielding experts or trainers with a team. The former leg-spinner also noted that the concept of making the position of head coach a necessity in cricket had been promoted by the non Asian nations. “Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we tend to be impressed by the white foreigners or even those players who have left Pakistan and gone abroad to earn their living and give them key postings and financial packages with no results to show after months,” he stated.

Qadir said he would never work in a cricket board that included Najam Sethi in any position. “Even if Najam Sethi is in the board for next 10 years I will never have anything to do with the board,” he said. Sethi is a former chairman of the board and presently heads the PCB’s executive committee.