Ajay Jadeja © IANS
Ajay Jadeja © IANS

India‘s blind cricket team is gearing up for the fifth World Cup, to be held in Pakistan and UAE. While Ajay Reddy-led side would fancy their chance of defending the trophy, former India player Ajay Jadeja wished and backed skipper Reddy to come back with the silverware. The schedule (including UAE) has been made keeping in mind Indian government’s hesitation of playing in Pakistan due to current political situation. Reddy and Jadeja echoed similar sentiments, and said it is not upto the players to decide on the venue. The board, in turn, looks after that and they are comfortable in playing anywhere.

Reddy stated, “As players we don’t mind playing anywhere. The board is there to take care of our safety and security. As players our main focus is on the World Cup and winning it handsomely.” Reddy, a stern captain, looks focused on the job in hand, and doesn’t want to worry about things out of his team’s control.

Jadeja backed Reddy and added, “I have had my own battles with the BCCI but feel sad that during the last couple of years we don’t know who is BCCI. Anything that goes wrong, we go back to all the old people who were part of this organisation and anything good probably goes to somebody who has just come a few days/months ago. It’s an organisation that’s been around for a very long time, where mostly good things have been done and that’s the reason where we have our cricket today. It’s unfortunate that they have become the punching bags in the last few years. It is nobody’s personal fiefdom than the players who play. If they were so wrong, the game should have been at the bottom in this country.

I still think they have many good things and other federations should be learning from them. I don’t think there is a better sporting body in the country than BCCI.

Yes, there is a lot of things that needs to change, many things they could have done better. That doesn’t mean they are the worst in the country,” concluded the former batsman.