Alex Hales and Tino Best    Getty Images
Alex Hales and Tino Best Getty Images

Tino Best and Alex Hales were involved in banter after England beat West Indies in the first of the five-ODI series. Best was the first one to ruffle the feathers. Hales hurled a humorous reply, further adding fuel to the fire.

Hales could not hold himself back, replying after the match was over.

Hales now was boasting of his humour.

That hurt the big lad.

Hales came back with a proof, quipping with one his best replies.

And Best sportingly accepted that he was behind the race.

With a barrage of unnecessary emoticons, Best gave his all to end the conversation and call it a day. Eventually, Tino hales Alex as the best humourist.

Englishmen anyway are best with banters. Tino should have known.