Andre Fletcher © Getty Images
Andre Fletcher has been in hot water recently © Getty Images

West Indian cricketer Andre Fletcher, who was fined and arrested for carrying live ammunition, has revealed that the entire issue was merely a misunderstanding on his part. The 27-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman revealed that he had thought the ammo were pellets for his air rifle rather than live ammunition.

According to Cricinfo, Fletcher said in a statement, “When I obtained the package it was sealed. Having been told that the package contained air rifle pellets, without closely inspecting it further I assumed that the contents were indeed what I was told. Until it was brought to my attention at the airport, I had no inkling that the package contained live ammunition.”

Fletcher said that he had no untoward intentions, and that he did not try to hide the fact that he was carrying what he thought were harmless pellets. “I carried the package openly in my hand to and through the airport and subsequently loosely placed it in my carry-on bag as I sought to clear security at the Douglas Charles Airport in Dominica.”

He added, “During the normal inspection of my luggage, the customs officer in Dominica informed me that the items appeared to be .22 calibre live rounds and not .22 pellets. Upon further investigation of the package, it was indeed found that the contents were live .22 calibre rounds and not .22 pellets for air rifles.”

Fletcher, a veteran of 15 ODIs and 22 T20Is for West Indies, said that he hoped the misunderstanding would not affect his future with West Indies cricket. “The unfortunate incident which led to my detention in Dominica on May 28 will not deter me from continuing to represent the region or my country once given the opportunity to do so. I will never intentionally do anything to cause hurt or embarrassment to my nation, my fans or especially my family.”