Andy Flower: Resting James Anderson in interest of English cricket

Andy Flower said England don’t select people to get their Test tally up Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Jun 6, 2012

England team director and coach Andy Flower on Tuesday said resting James Anderson was in the interest of English cricket, citing the example of football star Wayne Rooney, who also doesn t play all matches for Manchester United.

“If it had been 1-1, Jimmy would have played. But the days of us playing our players until they wear down significantly or snap physically or mentally those days are over,” Flower said.

“These types of decisions are made for the good of the team but also they will extend the careers of bowlers like Anderson. I understand why he is disappointed, but it is beneficial to him in the long run. Does Wayne Rooney play every game for Manchester United? No, he doesn t, because he would break down if he tried to do so,” he stated.

England, who have taken an unassailable 2-0 lead over the West Indies in the ongoing Test series, are also mulling on the idea to rest Stuart Broad as well.

“It s possible. It would be a similar decision made for similar reasons,” Flower was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“I don t see it as devaluing this Test match. The schedule is really busy, and that s why we have to make these decisions,” he added.

The England coach again defended their decision to not to include Anderson for the final Test at the Edgbaston.

“I ve heard people argue that it would be nice to get Anderson s Test-wicket tally up. We don t select people to get their Test tally up. We make decisions in the best interests of English cricket,” he added.