Angelo Mathews    Getty Images
Angelo Mathews Getty Images

Angelo Mathews missed out on alot of cricket in 2017 due to injury. However, he seems confident of his fitness ahead of the Nidahas Trophy, the tri-nation tournament that will be played to celebrate Sri Lanka‘s 70th year of independence. Mathews, the limited over captain was force to return home after playing one game in the Bangladesh tri-nation series due to injury.

According to reports in cricbuzz Mathews shared the excitement for the big event and also mentioned it will be competitive series.

“Everyone is looking forward to the event and I am very excited. It will be a great opportunity for all the players. India are tough opponents and Bangladesh have shown some tremendous improvements over the years. I believe it will be a competitive series,” Mathews said.

Mathews talked about how rest after injury helps him than hurrying to play. He later reveals he will only come on field when he is completely fit. The modern fitness techniques have made recovering an easy process as Mathews looks determined to stay fit in 2018.

“With my injuries, we have now changed the strategy. In the past, as soon as I had got fit, I had gone and played. The consultant in UK Dr. Thamindu Wedathilleke and the consultants here like Professor Arjuna de Silva and others have insisted on looking at the scans rather than looking at clinically. In the past, I have rushed back to playing before the scars are fully healed. I am able to run and train and do other activities at the moment. But the game intensity is quite different and our stance is different now. We will let it settle fully and unless that happens I am not going to start playing again. It is going to be difficult for me and the team as well when I am injured so often,” Mathews noted.

“The training methods, gym work and quite bit about my preparation have changed. We are well equipped now to meet the demands I feel. Still, we can only minimize the injury and there’s no guarantee as such that everything will be fine. However, I am trying my very best to stay injury free. I am learning about my body and getting to know my body.”