Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble heads BCCI’s Technical Committee © Getty Images

By Kushan Sarkar

New Delhi: Mar 25, 2013

The BCCI technical committee under the chairmanship of former India captain Anil Kumble has discussed the possibility of introducing monetary incentives for teams that put in an extra effort to register outright wins in Ranji Trophy.

The technical committee met in Mumbai last Friday to discuss domestic cricket and the Ranji Trophy format.

The members agreed that most teams playing for first innings lead opt to take the safer route making the four-day matches drab.

“Punjab and UP had four outright wins and champions Mumbai had only one outright win in first eight games. We are looking at options which can encourage teams to go for the maximum. The committee is mulling on ideas to introduce monetary incentives for states which record maximum number of outright wins,” a technical committee member told PTI on Monday.

“Look, point-based incentives are not good enough these days. If there is a prize money for maximum number of wins, the players may feel the urge to try something more than get a first innings lead. We want to discuss the issue further and put forth a proposal to the working committee,” the official said.

The committee is also seriously contemplating increasing the gap between two group league matches so that players get adequate rest.

“Now, we have a three-day gap between two Ranji Trophy matches. If a team travels, then the players only get a day’s rest and train a day before the next match starts. This gives them very less recovery time and some sustain fatigue-based injuries.”

There is also a proposal by the technical committee to use S G Test balls for the U-25 CK Nayudu Trophy matches so that the players get the feel of first-class cricket.