Andy Flower

Andy Flower (above) feels that Jonathan Trott has handled his stress very well ©Getty Images

Nov 25, 2013

England coach Andy Flower on Tuesday said that a balance must be struck between competitive cricket and not going overboard with sledging. His comments come in the wake of David Warner’s comments on Jonathan Trott, who had to leave the tour mid-way due to stress-related illness.

“Now you have brought it up [talking to Lehmann] I’ll have a think about it,” Flower was quoted as saying by Fox Sports.

I think both sides must concentrate on playing the game of cricket on the pitch. In a competitive way but finding the right balance.”

“I don’t think [the Trott issue] should be raised on the pitch. We’re there to play cricket.

“A balance has got to be found on the pitch between competitiveness and not overstepping the line.”

Talking about Australia skipper Michael Clarke being fined for sledging James Anderson, Flower said that there wasn’t much to talk on that as the International Cricket Council (ICC) had tajken care of that.

“That (Clarke sledge) situation has been dealt with by the ICC so I don’t really need to go into it.

“We all have a responsibility both sides and the leaders involved to find the right balance and the way we play the game on the field. We’re all adults out there.”

He also praised Trott for handling pressure well for so long.

“He has handled it really well over the years and he has handled it well on the tour so far,” Flower said.

“Just as if someone had a hamstring issue leading into the first Test it is our job to assess the likelihood of him being able to last the Test or that hamstring not hampering his performance.

“In the same way with Trotty we believed that he would handle as he always has handled it, very successfully, and that was the decision we made.”