Ashes 2013-14: Sledging is part of the old rivalry, says Ian Botham

Ian Botham said The Ashes is hard and uncompromising cricket © Getty Images

Nov 27, 2013

Former England Test skipper Ian Botham said that Ashes is uncompromising cricket and the visitors should fight against Australia head on. He also said that sledging is part of Ashes.
“The Ashes is hard, uncompromising cricket,” Botham was quoted as saying by Daily Mirror.
“There is no quarter given and if you manage to avoid the balls whizzing past your ears then you won’t miss the barrage of abuse that flies with them.”

Australia won the first Ashes Test at The Gabba, Brisbane against England by 381 runs. It was their first win in eight Tests against England.
“It’s about putting your body and soul into beating the oldest enemy of the lot and if the sparks fly, well, so be it,” he added.
“Chirp all you like, but this series will simply boil down to batting, bowling and fielding. Sure, the Australians will make it as uncomfortable as possible, but what are you going to do? You take it to them.”