A group called Fathers4Justice had planned to carry acid in children’s bottles into The Oval during the fifth Ashes Test © Getty Images

Aug 22, 2013

As the fifth Ashes Test ensues at The Oval, the authorities are on alert after a group threatened to carry out an acid attack. The threat came from a group called Fathers4Justice.

International Business Times reported that the plot came to light after when one of the members of the said group, a cricket-lover, exposed it. The report also revealed that the plan was to take acid in children’s bottles into the ground and there was supposed to be a loud protest. This group is known for protesting against the legal system in the United Kingdom. They believe that the child custody cases do not go the fathers’ way as the courts discriminate.  

The Oval is the home of the county Surrey and its Chief Executive Richard Gould was quoted, “We want to make sure we can protect the pitch and the game. The security was stepped up so the Test can go on without any problems.”