Ryan Harris announced his retirement from the sport ahead of the first Test at Cardiff    Getty Images
Ryan Harris announced his retirement from the sport ahead of the first Test at Cardiff Getty Images

Retired Australian fast bowler Ryan Harris defended Michael Clarke as well as his team from the barrage of criticism that they had come under in the recent past. Clarke, currently captaining the Australians in Ashes 2015, especially after the devastating loss to England at Trent Bridge that saw them concede an unassailable 1-3 series lead. Harris was especially vocal against the criticism that Clarke, who is set to retire after the series, has been copping with especially from former Australia coach John Buchanan, as well as reports of the presence of a state of unrest in the team during the ongoing series.

“One that has angered me be a bit is John Buchanan, the way he came out and slammed him (Clarke). What John s got to probably realise is that when he had Michael Clarke he was 21, 22, 23 years old, whatever he was, he was young,” Harris was quoted as saying according to a report on cricket.com.au.

To hear John Buchancan come out and say that, an ex-coach, was very, very disappointing. Everyone s entitled to their opinion, but to bash a guy after he s retired and say that sort of stuff was really disappointing.

“‘Detracting from the Baggy Green I think [were some of] Buchanan s words, that s just ridiculous his life was the Baggy Green. I think you should pick and choose what you say sometimes about some people, especially the Australian captain,” Harris added in his criticism of Buchanan, coached Australia between 1999 and 2007.

Buchanan had stated shortly after Clarke’s retirement announcement that he had failed to maintain the legacy of the ‘Baggy Green’ culture that was proudly established during the reign of Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting. READ: John Buchanan latest to criticise Clarke’s captaincy

“Players like Steve Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting and others really tried to make the ‘Baggy Green culture something special, but I could sense it was under threat and under Michael’s captaincy I can sense it has disappeared a bit and that disappointed me,” Buchanan was quoted as saying to News Ltd.

Harris, who announced his intention to retire from all forms of the game even before the start of the first Test, slammed reports of unrest in the Australian team.

Firstly there s not a meltdown in the Australian team, I can tell you that. That s a lie as well.

“All these things I ve been reading, I ve had to hold the thumb on tweeting some of this stuff, because it s been really, really (pause) it makes me pretty angry to be honest,” Harris was quoted as saying.