Pat Cummins said he will be happy to play the role of Mitchell Johnson of 2013-14 Ashes    Getty Images
Pat Cummins said he will be happy to play the role of Mitchell Johnson of 2013-14 Ashes Getty Images

Cricketing world is all set to witness the ever-exciting rivalry between England and Australia, as the Ashes 2017-18 approaches. Following Mitchell Starc s footsteps, Australia quick Pat Cummins has also made some big statements in a recent interview, warning England of the bouncers Australia are planning to bowl at them. Pointing out that England are used to play on tracks which do not produce as much bounce, Cummins hoped to create different conditions than that England are accustomed to. He also hinted as drawing inspiration from Mitchell Johnson s 2013-14 exploits. READ: Australia s batting rely heavily on David Warner, Steven Smith, says Michael Slater

“Hope you practice your bouncers because we’ll be bowling a lot of them,” Cummins was quoted saying by cricbuzz. “No one really likes it if you’ve got real pace and real accuracy, especially those kind of guys. They play on slower wickets, not as much bounce, so over here and in South Africa as well, it’s one of our biggest strengths. As batsmen, we grow up on these wickets and as bowlers getting bounce has always been really important. I think trying to make it as different to their home conditions as possible and normal bouncy, fast wickets and short balls are definitely that.”

When asked if he would like to play the role Johnson played in 2013-14 Ashes, Cummins said, “I’d love to play that role. I think we’re lucky that there’s a few of us who are all pretty tall and get a bit of bounce and like to bowl with a bit of pace. Hopefully the wickets have a bit of pace and bounce in them, there’s nothing like getting your adrenaline up and then running in trying to bowl short.

“To watch Johno (Johnson) do what he did, (he) kept the whole morale of the side and Australia up against the Poms almost single-handedly. It shows the importance a really quick bowler can have and hopefully one of us three or four guys can do a similar job.”

The first Ashes 2017-18 Test will be played at Brisbane starting November 23.