An event has been created to boo Broad    Getty Images
An event has been created to boo Broad Getty Images

A coordinated cheer of ‘Nice Garry’ for Nathan Lyon had caught everyone’s attention during Boxing Day Test against Pakistan. But what the Australians are planning this time is far more lethal. Ahead of this year’s boxing day Test at Melbourne Cricket Ground, a Facebook event has been created with the aim to boo England‘s Stuart Broad. The name of the event suggests that the pacer is all set to receive a lot as he bowls his first in the fourth Ashes Test.

I started the group about two weeks ago not so much because I hate the bloke. You know what Ashes series are like. They are competitive and I thought getting the event together and giving him some stick when the game hits would be good, the creator of the event, Tim Susovich, told

Everyone likes to see Broady get booed. Nothing against him though. It s all a bit of competition I guess, he added.

However, way before Ashes commenced, Broad had hinted that the booing only fires him up to bowl better.

It s actually a really exciting prospect because not often do you walk out on a sports field … to a really hostile environment. You walk out and go whoa, I m alive here, this is what it s all about . It s part of the reason why the Ashes is so special. The Aussies come over to our grounds like Edgbaston and Trent Bridge and get some stick and we have got to build ourselves up to get some stick at the Gabba. But if you can t deal with that, should you be playing top level sport?, Broad had said.

Broad’s quotes seems to have affected Susovich little, as the blogger hopes a success at MCG.

Obviously there was a Facebook page last year with Nathan Lyon bowling his third ball. Every Aussie bloke wants to see something like that happen. I thought I d get a little Facebook page happening about his first delivery. Hopefully it all pans out well. That target is just how many seats the MCG holds. 100,000 would be nice.