Arguably the best Pakistani batsman of the current era, Babar Azam gave his fans a glimpse of his golden heart on Wednesday. During a live interactive session with an eight-year-old fan, Babar passed batting tips to the young fan, who seemed in utter awe and highly impressed by his gesture.

Samiya – an aspiring cricketer who had earlier caught the attention of Kumar Sangakkara – when a video of her playing cricket indoors went viral. Babar – who is along with his team currently undergoing a 14-day quarantine period ahead of the series – took time off to interact with the budding talent – who has become an internet sensation.

The interaction with the two was shared by the Twitter handle of Pakistan and is already garnering applause and attention.

“I am Babar Azam’s biggest fan and I want to be like him. Like a superhero, he looks after our country and takes our team out of troubles. One day, I will also do for our women’s team what he does for the men’s,” Samiya said.

“Babar bhai gave me some invaluable batting tips which I will practice whenever I can get back to nets,” she added.

“It was a great delight to meet Samiya. She is a superstar. I was in awe when I first saw her batting video. The way she was timing the ball was remarkable. She has all the potential to be a great batter and I look forward to catching up with her when the Covid-19 situation improves,” said Babar.

“Being involved in sports from a young age helps in understanding life and disciplining yourself. At this stage, I want to ask all of my young fans to make sure they do some form of physical training while concentrating on their studies,” he added.

Meanwhile, England and Pakistan will play 3 Tests and an equal number of T20Is, with the first match taking place in on August 05.