BCCI have no clue what's happening in cricket: Modi

Lalit Modi riduculed BCCI as an organisation run by spineless people Getty Images

New Delhi: Jun 20, 2011

Former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi has ridiculed the BCCI for reportedly suggesting that he might be involved in the organisation of the upcoming Sri Lankan Premier League, in which Indian players have been barred from participating.

“It seems best way to scuttle any plans is to say Lalit Modi is behind it. Good to know that just mentioning my name can send a shiver down their spines,” Modi wrote on his Twitter page.

“Guess they are a bunch of spineless people running the show. Who have no clue as to what to do. Not that they ever had. I had to do it for them,” he said.

Media reports on Monday claimed that the reason why the BCCI refused to permit Indian players to participate in the league was that it believed that Modi might be involved in its organisation.

“It just shows that Mandarins at BCCI have no clue what is happening in the cricket world. They can’t see beyond their own shadow,” fumed Modi.

On the official front, the BCCI has stated that their refusal of permission to the players is based on the fact that the league is being conducted by a private party on behalf of Sri Lanka Cricket.

But the SLC has denied it, stating that the event was completely owned by it.