BCCI president not admitting to Indian cricket's problem: Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi said India are struggling in the Test and Twenty20 format Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

New Delhi: Jan 27, 2012

Former Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Lalit Modi on Friday claimed that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president N Srinivasan is not willing to admit that there is something wrong with the Indian team, which is on the brink of losing eighth consecutive overseas Test match.

“That win (ICC World Cup 2011) was in the one-day format. The team is losing in the Test format. If you want to know what is further wrong, look at the recent win-loss record of India s Twenty20 squad. Now, please do not point towards the win in the 2007 World T20. That was five years ago,” Modi wrote.

“What it clearly shows is that India s Test and T20 squads are facing issues. It is time we rectify the matter and nip it in the bud. That will start with admitting that we have a problem, which the BCCI president is not willing to admit. It seems he overestimates the power of denial.

Modi opined that the BCCI should immediately form a review for the Test debacles in England and in Australia, which should include the likes of Kapil Dev, Gundappa Vishwanath and Mohinder Amarnath.

“It is time we take urgent steps and call for an honest review of Indian cricket set-up. Appoint Kapil Dev alongwith former players of the calibre of GR Viswanath and Mohinder Amarnath, to come up with a report on the hows and whys of the Indian cricket structure,” he wrote.

Modi wrote on his blog, “Isn t eight overseas Test losses in a row reason enough to press the panic button and verify what is the matter with the team, with the system and Indian cricket as a whole. Isn t it the time to introspect and face some inconvenient truths?”

“I am not for a moment running down the greats of the Test line-up. In fact the very reason we had heightened expectations from them was because of these extraordinary gentlemen. They have been the greatest middle order India has ever had,” he wrote.

The former IPL commissioner said the BCCI is not daring enough to take hard decisions, as Australian and England cricket board took after their poor performances in the critical Ashes series.

“Australia and England suffered similar tragedies in their Ashes series losses. Both Boards admitted they have a problem and effected structural changes around the team, board and selection panels,” he said.

“In India we are running shy of admitting to the harsh realities. Why? Should we not take a hard look at ourselves? Only fools don t change their minds.”

Modi said India is the financial powerhouse of cricket, but the players and their performance is not getting enough attention from the board.

“We are of course the commercial capital of the world of cricket. But that is also because of our players. If they are not performing shouldn t we be concerned? It will trigger the cascading effect. If the player quality dips, the commerce will also be affected. Maybe that is a simple reality that has been conveniently forgotten.”

“England and Australia appointed specific Managing Director and General Manager (Performance) to look after the welfare of the team along with the head coach and team director. They have a full-time manager and a full-time media manager travelling with the team. Positions were given to people with result-oriented targets,” he said.

The former IPL commissioner demanded that India’s batting star Rahul Dravid should be roped in for a major role in the board once he calls it a day.

“If and when Rahul Dravid calls it a day in the future, and if I was BCCI president, I would immediately approach him with the job of Director of Cricket for BCCI. His main task, to set-up systems, co-ordinate cricketing matters at all levels and bethe main point for all cricketing matters with a paid professional staff to support him,” Modi said.

“Why Dravid? As a senior player, vice-captain and captain he has played key roles in Indian cricket both on and off the field. His role in bringing in player contracts along with Anil Kumble was exceptional. His understanding of cricketing matters, structural issues and other important matters is tremendous.”

“Can we not have Dravid or someone of his calibre, who would be fresh and contemporary at the helm of affairs? A full structure with the Director of Cricket, cricket operations department and head coach working in tandem will work well for India,” Modi concluded.