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Considering the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB)’s plea to appoint higher-ranked umpires for Ranji Trophy games, the BCCI has decided to “relook” at the matter, sources close to the board said.

The CAB had said, in a letter, that the BCCI has deputed lower-ranked umpires for the Ranji Trophy and other domestic tournaments in December with higher-ranked umpires not being given a chance.

In its reply, the BCCI has assured CAB joint secretary Avishek Dalmiya, who wrote the letter initially, that “the points raised in your mail are well received”, and the issue will be looked into.

“I am sure you would appreciate the fact that we have 115 umpires from which we have to manage the domestic matches appointments keeping in mind the travelling of umpires from one venue to the other.

“However, we will definitely relook at the match allocations to ensure that top eight ranked umpires from Group C, no matter which association they belong to, are posted for Ranji matches,” the mail, a copy of which is with IANS, read.

Asked about BCCI’s reply, Dalmiya said, “It’s a routine matter and we don’t want to make an issue out of it. We wrote the letter in good faith and the BCCI has assured us that the matter would be looked into.”

In the letter, Dalmiya wrote: “I am constrained to write this mail to you regarding the posting of the BCCI umpires allocated by the Board for the upcoming matches to be played in December 2018.

“In this regard, you are aware that ranking of umpires for the season has been done by the BCCI and as part that, the highest ranking umpires are given the priority when allotments are done.

“However, we’ve been given to understand that despite the above policy in place, yesterday when the allotment were made, it was observed that while one to four ranked umpires were given postings in Ranji Trophy games, 5 to 32 ranked umpires were not considered for posting in Ranji Trophy matches to be played in December.

“The most surprising factor here is that again, the umpires who are ranked 33-35 in Group C were considered for Ranji Trophy matches,” the letter said.