The 'big three' was formed by former BCCI President and ICC Chairman N.Srinivasan © AFP
The ‘big three’ was formed by former BCCI President and ICC Chairman N.Srinivasan © AFP

Board of Cricket for Control in India (BCCI) will extend its support to end the system of ‘Big Three’ in ICC. Anurag Thakur, the newly elected President of BCCI will represent the board. India, Australia and England under this arrangement earn major financial and economical benefits. But ever since Shashank Manohar was appointed the ICC Chairman, efforts have been made to change the system, including an five-man steering group to review the ‘big three’. The concept was introduced by former BCCI President and ICC Chairman N.Srinivasan. It was introduced despite being met with strong resistance. ALSO READ: BCCI plans to change its name

A top BCCI official was quoted by timesofindia saying, “We back Manohar’s decision, and will support it at the ICC annual conference in Edinburgh later this month. All the ICC members must get the same funding, just like all the associations get the same share of revenue in India.”

Earlier this February, a committee and board meeting in ICC resulted in the permanent removement of India, Australia and England from the Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee (FCA) and the Executive Committee. The two stated committee’s are the most powerful within the ICC.

Anurag Thakur and BCCI are also in news for a reported name change of the Indian board. Thakur was of the view that the organisation wants to change its role and concept in the minds of the fans of the game and therefore the word ‘Control’ ought to be removed. He said, “We want to do away with the word ‘Control.’ We want to care for our fans, players, coaches, selectors, administrators and all the other stakeholders who matter in cricket.”