Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the third Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) match between Bhojpuri Dabanggs and Bengal Tigers at M Chinnaswamy Stadium at Bangalore. Bhojpuri Dabanggs will be led by actor Manoj Tiwari, while Bengal tigers will be led by Jisshu Sengupta. The Bhojpuri Dabanggs came into the CCL only in the third season in 2013 and their best finish is a semi-final stage finish in 2014. The other two seasons, they could not make it past the group stage. The will surely be more hungry to go all the way. Bengal Tigers on the other hand were formed in the second season in 2012. They finished sixth that season and have not made it beyond the group stages in the remaining seasons as well.

Live cricket score Bengal Tigers 149/8 | Overs 20| Target 218| BATTING: Debu 10 (11), Manti 15 (14): Bengal Tigers have conceded the match by a huge margin, but the Dabanggs will be extremely happy with their effort. Tigers will look to bounce back in their next couple of matches.

Live cricket score Bengal Tigers 94/6 | Overs 13| Target 218| BATTING: Sandy 4 (4), Vivek 0 (1): Bengal Tigers have lost half lost a heap of wickets and look in no situation to win the match. Dabanggs have beenin command right from the beginning of the match.

Live cricket score Bengal Tigers 53/2 | Overs 7| Target 218| BATTING: Indrashish 21 (11), Jishu 3 (6): Tigers have lost a couple of wickets and they are falling well behind in this chase. Dabanggs are very much on top in this game.

Live cricket score Bengal Tigers 24/0 | Overs 3| Target 218| BATTING: Joy 22 (14), Indrashish 1 (4): Tigers have begun their chase and will need a big effort from a couple of their batsmen to win the match from here. Dabanggs have kept it tight till now and will look to maintain it as the overs go by.

Live cricket score Bhojpuri Dabanggs 217/3 | Overs 20| BATTING: Aditya Ojha 54 (20): That’s the end of the innings and Dabanggs finish with a flourish. Ojha scores a quick-fire fifty and Bengal Tigers will have to bat out of their skins to win the match from here. OUT! Uday Tiwari 28 (24)

Live cricket score Bhojpuri Dabanggs 155/2 | Overs 15| BATTING: Uday Tiwari 18 (15), Aditya Ojha 2 (1): Dabanggs have lost another wicket but they are i a wonderful position from where they can get a huge score and put the opposition under pressure. They have lost the wicket of Yadav as well. OUT! JP Yadav 53 (44)

Live cricket score Bhojpuri Dabanggs 120/1 | Overs 11| BATTING: JP Yadav 43 (33), Uday Tiwari 2 (1): After a superb innings, skipper Manoj Tiwari is finally dismissed. He gave his side an excellent start and can now get a score in excess of 200 now. Uday Tiwari is the new batsman now. OUT! Manoj Tiwari 65 (33)

Live cricket score Bhojpuri Dabanggs 80/0 | Overs 7| BATTING: Manoj Tiwary 54 (25), GP Yadav 19 (17): Dabanggs have made a wonderful start, but the Tigers do not seem like they are going to pick up a wicket anytime soon. They have been pathetic on the field and the Dabanggs are cashing in on it.

Live cricket score Bhojpuri Dabanggs 38/0 | Overs 3| BATTING: Manoj Tiwary 24 (10), JP Yadav 11 (8): After a sedate first over Dabanggs have cut lose and are well on course to a huge score. Yadav and skipper Manoj Tiwary look in an aggressive mode at the moment. Some poor fielding from the Tigers has played a part as well.

Live cricket score Bhojpuri Dabanggs 6/0 | Overs 1| BATTING: Manoj Tiwary 5 (3), JP Yadav 1 (3): Dabanggs are off to a decent start. They were however given four bonus runs in the final ball off the over after they conceded an overthrow. Careless stuff from Bengal Tigers.

TOSS: Bhojpuri Dabanggs have won toss, will bat first

This match is the second match of the day as Bangalore Bulldozers and Chennai Rhinos would have played earlier in the day at the same venue. The CCL 2016 kick started on Saturday with two matches being played in Mumbai. Kerala Strikers and Mumbai Heroes registered comprehensive victories in their matches and they will be a tough team to beat this time around. Bhojpuri Dabanggs and Bengal Tigers will want to get off to a winning start. The competition is going to be stiff and the teams need to pick up as many wins along the way as possible to make it to the next stage.


Bhojpuri Dabanggs: Manoj Tiwari (c), Ravi Kishan, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Uday Tiwari, Ajhoy Sharrma, Vikrant Singh, Aditya Ojha, Praksh Jais, Ayaz Khan, Shailesh Sinha, Vaibhav Rai, Asgar Rashid Khan, Vikas Singh, Akbar Naqvi, Gajendra Pratap Dwivedi, Jay Prakash Yadav, Raj Chouhan, Pawan Singh, Bobby Singh, Yash Kumar

Bengal Tigers: Jisshu Sengupta(c), Dev, Rahul, Amitabh, Joy, Suman, Uday, Vinaayak, Srv, Indrasish, Yousuf, Debraj, Raja, Mohan, Sandy, Saugata