Bihar Cricket Association president warns CoA of contempt petition

In a new twist to the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) saga, its president Jagnnath Singh has threatened to file a contempt petition against the Committee of Administrators (CoA) for violating Supreme Court orders of August 9, 2018.

The move comes after the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on its website uploaded what is said to be the unregistered constitution of BCA sent by Gopal Bohra and Rabi Shankar Prasad Singh over the one sent by the BCA chief’s committee.

In the letter, accessed by IANS, Singh has clearly mentioned that uploading the unregistered constitution is against the order of the Supreme Court and that either both constitutions should be uploaded or the BCA chief will be forced to take action.

“From the direction of the SC, it is apparent that either a state association would comply with the directions dated August 9, 2018 or in absence whereof the state association shall not be treated to be recognised by the BCCI for violating the judgment of the SC.

“From your status report, it is evident that you are allowing a state association in category B to (be) fully compliant without registration of constitution in compliance to SC order, which is contemptuous and disobedience of SC order dated August 9, 2018.

“If you are recognising two associations in Bihar without registered constitution then your status should be uploaded with both constitutions or updation of the status of BCCI must not be done by the states who have not got their constitution registered.

“The CoA should either upload both the constitution on the website of BCCI or the updation made should be deleted forthwith failing which I shall be forced to file a contempt petition for violating the border of the SC,” Singh wrote.