It was strange and bizarre that Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma trended on Tuesday during the IPL game with Kolkata Knight Riders. Online food delivery app Swiggy trended along with Rohit after a photoshopped image of the MI skipper near a vada pav stall went viral. While fans are confused if a tweet was actually made by Swiggy and then deleted, they have started reacting. Some fans took offense to the tweet, while some mocked it.

It was like a shoddily done photoshop where the face of Rohit has been cropped.

Here are some of the best reactions.



The reality is that Swiggy did make the tweet, later deleted it, and has now issued a clarification.

The clarification read: “A special message to the Hitman’s fans We reposted a fan’s tweet in good humour. While the image was not created by us, we do admit it could’ve been worded better. It was not meant to offend anyone in the least. Needless to say, we’re always with the Paltan.”