Brian Lara

The proceeds of the charity game will be spent in the construction of a hospital in Kedar Ghati © Getty Images

Dehradun: Oct 3, 2013

Former West Indies captain Brian Lara on Thursday, played a charity match here to raise funds for a hospital to be built in Kedar valley for Uttarakhand calamity victims.

Held in the Indian Medical Association at the Abhimanyu Cricket Academy, proceeds of this match will be spent over the construction of the hospital in Kedar ghati, the organisers said.

Earlier, Lara also paid a visit to The Doon School and delivered a short, yet interesting and insightful speech.

He gave the audience a brief glimpse into his life and emphasised that man is defined by the way he carries himself in front of the world.

His words on planning for the future, no matter who you are or what you want to do, struck a chord with the audience, especially with so many of them preparing for their lives after School.

Lara also invited the Doon School Cricket Team to play a match with his team in Trinidad and Tobago.

He also took questions from the audience and spoke ofhis issues with the cricket Boards having too much power, his stance on match-fixing.

He closed his interaction with the audience with the remark,”Most sportsmen fail more than they succeed.”