The infamous Sandpaper Gate in 2018 involving top Australian cricketers in a game against South Africa in Cape Town rocked the world of cricket. The ball-tampering episode involved Steve Smith, the-then Australian captain, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft. Following the incident, all three players were suspended from cricket, while Smith had to give up his captaincy as well.

Three years after the incident, Bancroft, who was a part of the episode has now revealed some that were never known to date.

Bancroft has revealed that the Australian bowlers knew about the plot and what was happening.

“So some of the bowlers did know?”, Bancroft, as per the report, hesitantly replied: “Uh yeah, look, I think, yeah, I think it’s pretty probably self-explanatory.”

“Yeah, look, all I wanted to do was to be responsible and accountable for my own actions and part. Yeah, obviously what I did benefits bowlers and the awareness around that, probably, is self-explanatory,” he told The Guardian recently.

Reflecting back at the incident, Bancroft admitted that had he been aware of the consequences, he would have made a better decision.

“I guess one thing I learnt through the journey and being responsible is that’s where the buck stops [with Bancroft himself]. Had I had better awareness I would have made a much better decision,” he added.

Bancroft also said that he regrets letting the entire team down by compromising values.

“I was obviously disappointed because I’d let the team down and carried out an act that completely compromised my values. But it came down for me just when I was really improving at that level,” he concluded.