Chennai Super Kings vs Titans Live Cricket Score, CLT20 2013 Group B match: Chennai need 186 to win

Michael Hussey was dismissed for 47 off 26 balls © IANS (File Photo)

Sep 22, 2013

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Chennai Super Kings 187/6 | Over 18.5 |  Badrinath 20*, Morkel 4* OUT! 181/5 (MS Dhoni 7 (8) | Overs 18.1), Jadeja 183/6 (Ravindra Jadeja 0 (2) | Overs 18.3)

To the disappointment of the Ranchi crowd, Dhoni is dismissed off the first delivery of the over and they are stunned into silence. However, the Titans don’t have much reason to celebrate as the match is already out of their grasp. To make matters worse, they struggle with their line. With rain coming down, Chennai look to finish off the match in a hurry and as a result loses his wicket. Nonetheless, Albie Morkel finishes the match with a crisp cover drive that goes for a boundary.

Chennai Super Kings 181/4 | Over 18 |  Badrinath 20*, MS Dhoni 7*

Dhoni gets off the mark with a powerful six behind the long on boundary. Badrinath survives a close LBW shout off the fifth delivery. Crowd cheers again as Dhoni returns to strike for the next over.

Chennai Super Kings 172/4 | Over 17 |  Badrinath 19*, MS Dhoni 0* OUT! 172/4 (Dwayne Bravo 38 (26) | Overs 16.2)

Chennai are cruising towards a comfortable win as even edges are flying towards the boundary. However, against the run of play the IPL side lose Dwayne Bravo who gets an edge, which is safely taken by the wicketkeeper. However, to the delight of the crowd, local boy MS Dhoni walks out to bat.

Chennai Super Kings 168/3 | Over 16 |  Badrinath 19* Bravo 34*

Marchant De Lange continues to struggle with control as Dwayne Bravo takes advantage of it to smash a boundary and a six. 13 runs come off the over.

Chennai Super Kings 155/3 | Over 15 |  Badrinath 18* Bravo 23*

Chennai bring up their third fifty in just 31 balls as they stroll towards the target. They are dealing in singles and not taking undue risks.

Chennai Super Kings 149/3 | Over 14 |  Badrinath 16* Bravo 19*

Titans’ bowlers continue to bowl wide deliveries as the run rate has moved under six runs per over. However, fielders are still doing a good job.

Chennai Super Kings 142/3 | Over 13 |  Badrinath 11* Bravo 18*

Badrinath starts the over with a classical late-cut to guide the ball for a boundary. Bravo smashes a huge six over extra cover after being beaten by van der Merwe’s flight of the earlier two deliveries.

Chennai Super Kings 131/3 | Over 12 |  Badrinath 7* Bravo 12*

Titans’ woes with wides continue as Wiese starts his over with another wide delivery. Bravo starts the over with a boundary with a lofted shot over mid off. Chennai look well in command of the game.

Chennai Super Kings 119/3 | Over 11 |  Badrinath 6* Bravo 3*

Chennai are dealing in easy singles after being rocked by the wickets of Suresh Raina and Michael Hussey. They score five off Roelof van der Merwe’s over.

Chennai Super Kings 114/3 | Over 10 |  Badrinath 3* OUT! 114/3 (Hussey 47 (26) | Overs 9.6)

Badrinath is giving the strike back to Hussey who is well set and taking the odd risks. Meanwhile, the former Australian player is finding gaps at will. He cracks two consecutive boundaries from the middle of the bat. Morne Morkel hasn’t been effective in using the bounce from the pitch. However, he mistimes a straight loft to gift an easy catch at mid off.

Chennai Super Kings 105/2 | Over 9 |  Hussey 39*, Badrinath 2*

Chennai are moving along comfortable after a good start. They aren’t taking too many chances after Raina’s dismissal knowing the fact that dew is making it tough for the bowlers to grip the bowl. However, Hussey smashes the last bowl for a huge six behind long on.

Chennai Super Kings 95/2 | Over 8 |  Hussey 26*, Badrinath 0*  OUT! 95/2 (Raina 47 (28) | Overs 7.5)

Wiesse strikes! Raina is gone! Its a slower one that Raina fails to read and ends up lobbing the ball to the mid-off fielder. But he has done enough to pave the way for a win here. He goes for a 28-ball knock of 47. The over began with Hussey dispatching a slower ball to the straight boundary and Raina following it up with a pull shot for a four. However, Wiesse has the last laugh at the end of the over. However, has this strike come a bit late?


Chennai Super Kings 86/1 | Over 7 |  Hussey 26*,  Raina 43*

Skipper Henry Davids brings himself on. He concedes a four off a wide — third time in three overs. The rest of the over fetches eight more runs. 13 taken from the over.

Chennai Super Kings 73/1 | Over 6 |  Hussey 21*,  Raina 41*

Raina is in sublime form here. He gets another short delivery down the leg side which he pulls behind square to the boundary. Only four more runs are taken from it. Chennai have taken 73 runs from the powerplay overs. If there is a way to chase a big total, this is it.


Chennai Super Kings 65/1 | Over 5 | Hussey 20*,  Raina 34*

Merchant de Lange comes into the attack. He is treated with respect initially before Raina flicked a length delivery bowled on his legs to the deep midwicket boundary. The pressure seems to have got to De Lange and he bowls a wide delivery outside the off-stump. To his horror, the balls goes through the keeper and first slip to the third man boundary. Raina is happy to take a single off the last ball. 14 runs from the over.

Chennai Super Kings 51/1 | Over 4 | Hussey 19*, Raina 26*

Raina pulls the first ball of Morne for a huge six. Another short ball and Raina guides it to the fine leg fielder for a single. Hussey then slammed two consecutive boundaries — the first one by coming down the track and driving it through covers and following it up with a textbook square cut. Looks as if this duo has decided to go after Morne.

Morne came around the wicket to try and alter the angle. However, he erred terribly in line and gave away five runs as the wide ball beat the keeper and went to the boundary. Morne was just unlucky not to get a wicket off the final ball went an inside edge missed the stumps and travelled to the fine leg boundary. 24 runs taken from the over.


Chennai Super Kings 27/1 | Over 3 | Michael Hussey 7*, Suresh Raina 19*

Suresh Raina ensures that the run rate doesn’t creep up as he starts the second over as well with a boundary. Couple of balls later, he guides the ball towards third man for a boundary and follows it up with a beautiful on-drive.

Chennai Super Kings 14/1 | Over 2 | Michael Hussey 6*, Suresh Raina 7*

Suresh Raina, playing his 99th match for the Chennai Super Kings, plays a brilliant square cut for a boundary. Running between the wickets and fielding are top-class.

Chennai Super Kings 8/1 | Over 1 | Michael Hussey 6*, Suresh Raina 2* OUT! 6/1 (Murali Vijay 0 (1) | 0.3 overs)

Titans start with Roelof van der Merwe who starts with a wide down the leg side. Michael Hussey gets off the mark witha lucky boundary. Vijay is bamboozled with an arm delivery that skids after pitching to hit his middle stump, before the floodlights go off for the second time in the day.

Titans 185/5 | Over 20 | Roelof van der Merwe 1*, Mosehle 4*

Dwayne Bravo, bowling the final over, comes from round the wicket and keeps it short. Mosehle finds it tough to deal with it. He gives away just six runs off teh last over

Titans 179/5 | Over 19 | Roelof van der Merwe 1* OUT! 179/5 (AB de Villiers 77 (36) | 18.6 overs)

There seems to be no stopping for AB de Villiers. He is finding boundaries and clearing them at will. De Villiers smashes Ravindra Jadeja for two consecutive sixes and follows it up with a boundary. However, the left-arm spinner has the final laugh as he dismisses de Villiers off the final delivery

Titans 161/4 | Over 18 | AB de Villiers 60*, Roelof van der Merwe 0* OUT! 154/3 (Farhaan Behardien 21 (14) | 17.1 overs), 154/4 (David Weise 0 (0) | 17.3 overs)

Farhaan Behardien is holed out in the first ball of the over as he tries to cler the in-field on the off. David Weise top-edges his second delivery and is dismissed for a duck. However, de Villiers continues to look good.

Titans 154/2 | Over 17 | AB de Villiers 53*, Farhaan Behardien 21*

Jason Holder is brought back into the attack and is just about successful as he manages to find the top-edge of AB de Villiers’ bat. However, even a brilliant diving effort by Ravindra Jadeja is not good enough to dimiss him. He uses it to his advantage as he smacks the fourth delivery for a six over long off.

Titans 146/2 | Over 16 | AB de Villiers 46*, Farhaan Behardien 20*

Farhaan Behardien too looks in good nick as he rocks back to muscle Ashwin for a six over deep mid wicket boundary.

Titans 135/2 | Over 15 | AB de Villiers 44*, Farhaan Behardien 11*

Chennai Super Kings try to pull things back after the dismissal of Titans opener Henry Davids. Farhaan Behardien starts to attack with a straight smash for a boundary and follows it up with a boundary towards extra cover.

Titans 125/2 | Over 14 | AB de Villiers 43*, Farhaan Behardien 2* OUT! 122/2 (Henry Davids 52 (43) | 13.1 overs)

Henry Davids brings up his half-century with a boundary. But soon off the next delivery, Ravichandran Ashwin combines well with MS Dhoni to stump Henry Davids with a wide delivery on his leg side

Titans 117/1 | Over 13 | Henry Davids 48*, AB de Villiers 43*

MS Dhoni persists with Ravindra Jadeja and the move almost works for him. A hard slash on the off by AB de Villiers was dropped by Mohit Sharma at deep point. De Villiers shows why he is such an important wicket as he smacks the next ball beyond the boundary.

Titans 100/1 | Over 12 | Henry Davids 44*, AB de Villiers 30*

AB de Villiers takes over from Henry Davids as he welcomes Dwayne Bravo with a wristy boundary and followed it up with a powerful six.

Titans 86/1 | Over 11 | Henry Davids 44*, AB de Villiers 18*

Star player Ravindra Jadeja’s introduction to the attack isn’t the best as he is hit for a four with a lofted shot over extra cover. However, a crisp six over deep mid wicket off the fifth delivery was probably the shot of the innings so far. Titans look comfortably placed for a late flourish.

Titans 72/1 | Over 10 | Henry Davids 37*, AB de Villiers 10*

The dew has already started causing problems and the bowlers are finding it tough to grip. Titans score eight runs off the over.

Titans 64/1 | Over 9 | Henry Davids 35*, AB de Villiers 4*

AB de Villiers looks in good nick even as he doesn’t get complete due for his shots. Davids flicks the last delivery for a boundary towards fine leg.

Titans 56/1 | Over 8 | Henry Davids 30*, AB de Villiers 1*

Henry Davids continues to attack. Ravichandran Ashwin, brought into the attack, is smashed for a six off the fifth delivery.

Titans 46/1 | Over 7 | Henry Davids 21* OUT! 46/3 (Jacques Rudolph 22 | 6.6 overs)

MS Dhoni uses Mohit Sharma’s quota of four overs at one go. Jacques Rudolph decides to take the attack to the opposition as he makes room to loft the ball over extra cover for a boundary and follows it up with an uppercut towards the third man to get the same result. However, a misunderstanding with his partner and brilliant work by Dwayne Bravo in the field results in his run-out. Bravo breaks into a jig.

Titans 33/0 | Over 6 | Henry Davids 20*, Jacques Rudolph 10*

The ball is not coming easily to the bat. But a swing by Henry Davids on the leg brings up the first six for the Titans. Running between the wicket is also good between the openers.

Titans 22/0 | Over 5 | Henry Davids 10*, Jacques Rudolph 10*

Mohit Sharma keeps the length shorter in this over forcing the batsmen to play on the backfoot. Just one run scored off the over.

Titans 21/0 | Over 4 | Henry Davids 9*, Jacques Rudolph 10*

The over begins with a beautiful square drive. The Titans openers are delighting the cricket fans with some exquisite orthodox cricketing shots. Even as the bowlers are finding it tough to get their rythm right, the batsmen look well set.

Titans 15/0 | Over 3 | Henry Davids 8*, Jacques Rudolph 6*

Mohit Sharma is still struggling to find his line. Jacques Rudolph hits a cracking cover drive for boundary forcing Mohit Sharma to bowl from round the wicket. Meanwhile, MS Dhoni’s new haircut continues to remain the suject of discussion.

Titans 11/0 | Over 2 | Henry Davids 8*, Jacques Rudolph 2*

Jason Holder seems to be enjoying the bounce that he is getting off the pitch. However, the excitement of the Ranchi crowd reaches its peak when local boy MS Dhoni dives to his right to make a brilliant save.

Titans 8/0 | Over 1 | Henry Davids 7*, Jacques Rudolph 0*

Mohit Sharma starts off well with an inswinging delivery that raps onto Henry Davids’ pads. However, the appeal is turned down. He continues to test Davids outside off, before the opener walks down the track and hits a sublime cover drive off the fourth delivery.

Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the toss and elected to field against Titans in the third match of the Champions League T20 2013 at the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) Stadium, Ranchi on Sunday.


Chennai Super Kings: Michael Hussey, Murali Vijay, Suresh Raina, Subramaniam Badrinath, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Dwayne Bravo, Albie Morkel, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jason Holder, Mohit Sharma.

Titans: Henry Davids (c), Jacques Rudolph, Heino Kuhn, Roelof van der Merwe, AB de Villiers, Farhaan Behardien, David Wiese, Mangaliso Mosehle (wk), Morne Morkel, Marchant de Lange, Rowan Richards.

Hello and welcome to the live updates of the third match of the Champions League T20 2013 between the Indian side Chennai Super Kings and their South African counterparts Titans, led by Henry Davids.

The charasmatic Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni will lead the Chennai Super Kings. I, Aayush Puthran, will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of this match.

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