Rated as one of the most dangerous and biggest hitters in gentlemen’s game – Chris Gayle is a special batsman with unmatched skills and immense power which separates him from his contemporaries. At the age of 40 when most sportspersons mulling out other career options, Gayle is changing the perception around cricketer’s retirement age and continues to entertain his fans worldwide with his belligerent strokeplay.

An in-form Gayle is always in high demand in franchise cricket, but the marauding West Indies batsman feels he becomes a burden for his teams whenever he flops with the bat in private T20 leagues.

The Jamaican batsman, who played for defending Jozi Stars in what was a disastrous MSL campaign for him, scored just 101 runs from six innings for his team. “As soon as I don’t perform for two or three games, then Chris Gayle is the burden for the team,” he was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

“I am not talking for this team only. This is something I have analysed over the years playing franchise cricket. Chris Gayle is always a burden if I don’t score runs, two, three, four times. It seems like that one particular individual is the burden for the team.

“And then you will hear bickering. I am not going to get respect. People don’t remember what you have done for them. I don’t get respect,” he added.

Gayle had gone unsold twice in the 2018 IPL auction before being taken by Kings XI Punjab at his base price of Rs 2 crore. Standing at the twilight of his career, Gayle said he has now become used to the situation.

“Even from players as well, I am talking. Players, management, head of management, board members. Chris Gayle never gets respect. Once Chris Gayle fails, it’s the end of his career, he is no good, he is the worst player and all these other things.

“I’ve generally overcome these things and I expect these things and I have lived with these things,” he said.

Gayle has scored 7214 runs and 10480 runs in Tests and ODIs respectively. He also has 1627 runs under his belt in T20Is. In overall Twenty20 cricket (including leagues around the world), the “Universe Boss” has scored an astonishing 13152 runs at an average of close to 40 and strike-rate of 147.04.