Chris Gayle was recently caught in controversy for his sexists comment towards British journalists © Getty Images
Chris Gayle was recently caught in controversy for his sexists comment towards British journalists © Getty Images

Already caught up with yet another controversy for his comments towards journalists from British Newspaper (The Times), Chris Gayle recently made a stunning revelation in his soon to be launched book ‘Six Machine’. The revelation came out from few excerpts published on UK Times, that he was threatened by the then businessman Allen Stanford, who had said will ruin his T20 career on the basis of Gayle’s affair with Stanford’s fiancée Andrea Stoelker. Stanford had threatened Gayle to watch his back if anything goes off the track. Gayle was in a fix as he was not allowed to return back home and with the help of a lawyer ensured everything was recorded. “Who knows what an enraged king can call on in his realm?” Gayle wrote. ALSO READ: Chris Gayle’s autobiography ‘Six Machine’ to be launched in June 2016

This incident took place in 2008. The Universe Boss Gayle was selected as the captain of Stanford Superstars in an exhibition match held against England where the winners received US$20 million. As the captain, Gayle was to present the players’ requests to Stanford liaison, Andrea, the rich man’s fiancée. Somewhere, the billionaire felt there was something fishy and Gayle had thoughts beyond cricket as well. Based on which he assumed his fiancée was falling for the hard-hitter. In the book, Gayle has put down the entire conversation between Stanford and himself with few excerpts were as follows: ALSO READ: Rajiv Shukla to take up Chris Gayle’s sexism issue with BCCI

“Are you having an affair with my missus?’

“What? Are you serious?’

Tek off mi shades an’ look him straight inna eye. “Lissen to me. I’m the captain of the team. I have to deal with her on issues and matters.”

“Bulls***. Don’t burn your bridges.”

“What bridges? There’s no bridge to burn.”

He’s huffing and puffing, blowing heavily. A pink steam train, struggling up a hill.

“Watch your back.”


“Watch your back.” Huffin an’ puffin.

“Relax yourself man. Relax. Chill.”

If the already added sexists comments were not enough to mount up on the Universe Boss, there was more plight to add to his misery. Although the incident is dated back, it surely could have hampered his career. Currently, the billionaire is serving his prison sentence for 110-years over financial fraud.