Chris Rogers defends wearing rugged-looking arm guard

Chris Rogers said that the old arm guard did not have any sentimental value and that he wore it just to protect his arm from any serious injury © Getty Images

Sep 6, 2013

Australia’s Test opener Chris Rogers has defended his rugged looking arm guard which he sported during the recently concluded Ashes series and said that it wasn’t as old as it appeared to be.

According to the North Devon Journal, Rogers said, “It’s not that old, only about two or three years. I had one before for about 10 years. That was a real special one.”

Rogers also went on to say that it wasn’t a sentiment to use the same arm guard and he used it only to protect his arm from a serious injury.

“I’m not going to bat without my arm guard only because I don’t want my arm to get broken. It’s just one of those things, your arms get so sweaty and it quickly deteriorates.

“Some people have said I should get a new one but it’s not a catwalk out there. You’re out there to do a job.”

Rogers was part of the Australian Test team that lost the Ashes 2013 series 3-0.