CoA to appoint observers in BCCI state associations to oversee functioning

The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) has decided to appoint observers for 10 state bodies to oversee the functioning of the associations, as well as to guide them in cricketing matters.

The move has not gone down well with the associations and some of them have even questioned the intent behind this move.

The associations to have these observers are — Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Sikkim, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Bihar, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand and Pondicherry.

In a mail sent to the associations, accessed by IANS, the observers will be given six terms of reference and they will act in accordance:

*To observe and guide the SCA’s in cricket administration activities.

*To observe and guide the cricket operations team in formulating local cricket activities.

*To act as an observer in all the selection committee meetings.

*To assist the SCA in preparing youth development program for boys and girls.

*To act as a facilitator between the SCA and BCCI cricket operations team.

*To act as a facilitator between the SCA and BCCI finance observer.

While the name of the observers appointed in this regard will be circulated shortly, a senior BCCI official questioned if the committee was looking to act beyond the scope of the newly registered constitution.

“The collegium is not required. The CoA has given themselves the powers of the Supreme Court. Just because the court is busy with the Ram Janmabhoomi issue, the CoA has found it an opportune time to repeatedly run roughshod over the orders of the apex court.

“This is just another in a long line of such decisions that have been taken in the last few weeks. Under what provision of the BCCI constitution — that has been finalized by the SC — are they doing this? What gives them the authority to do this? They are playing with the orders of the court and they will be held accountable for this mess,” the official told IANS.

A state association official echoed the sentiments and questioned if the CoA is looking to externally look at ways to influence the elections. “This has only made it clear that the CoA is only interested in influencing the BCCI elections. This is their version of rigging elections. First they decided to illegally plan a way to bar associations from participating in the BCCI election process. They have done this against the orders of the court. Then they decided to illegally plan a way to add more votes to the BCCI voter list despite knowing fully well that they are acting against the orders of the court. Then they decided to issue clarifications to the orders of the court which only the Supreme Court may do.

“Now, this takes the cake, they are now effectively trying to influence 8-10 votes by acting illegally to appoint observers over these associations. Which rule are they following? This is a gross abuse of their powers. It seems they want particular people to be made the new office bearers of the BCCI and if so, why make a mockery of the Supreme Court and the election process? They should just appoint whoever they want to the posts in the BCCI, no?” the state association official enquired.

With the state bodies from Northeast set to get observers, a member from the region said: “The Northeastern state associations have made a genuine effort and they should be applauded for that, the CoA should not try to insult us by taking such a step. Did anyone ask for this? By taking this step the CoA is attempting to malign the work and the reputations of the officials of the Northeastern States and this is unfortunate.

“We have supported the CoA and the reforms process but no one should think for a moment that we can be pressurized by them in this manner.”

Another state association official said that this move once again proves that the committee has made a complete mess of the responsibilities given to them.

“This decision is nothing but an admission of failure by the CoA. They have added new associations to the membership of the BCCI by even violating the court settled BCCI constitution. They wanted to do that to attack certain member associations who had challenged the CoA’s misrule.

“Now, the CoA themselves, by taking this step have all but admitted that the associations that they have chosen are not competent enough. This will only accentuate their blunders,” the official pointed.

Echoing the sentiments, a BCCI official said: “This is one in a long line of their decisions that will have to withstand the scrutiny of the court because of the various acts in violation of the Supreme Court orders.”