The Indian Premier League 2021 season was suspended a couple of weeks back due to the Covid crisis in the country and an alleged bio-security bubble breach. With the tournament now halted, there are many stories coming out which show the poor handling of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI).

As per a report in TOI, it is reported that players refused to take the jab before the tournament. Apparently, they refused it because of the aftereffects it has like mild fever and body ache. The same report suggests that the overseas players were happy to get vaccinated, but some Indian players were not.

“The players were simply reluctant about taking the vaccine when they were offered. It was not their fault, it was more about lack of awareness,” a source tracking the developments told TOI.

Some franchises still managed to convince their players to take the jab, while some others could not.

” The players felt the bubble they were in was secure enough and there was no need to take the vaccine. The franchises too did not push for it. Then things suddenly spiralled out of control,” the source added.

Despite being in charter flights, many franchises felt they were ‘sitting ducks’ when they were made to travel to Delhi at the peak of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, with 31 games still left to be played, it is reportedly believed that the BCCI is eyeing the September window to conduct the tournament. The BCCI has confirmed that the remainder of the tournament will not take place in India.