Cricket Australia (CA) and International Cricket Council (ICC) are set to hold discussions regarding the future of this year’s Men’s T20 World Cup on Friday as uncertainty remains whether it can be held amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it’s unlikely that the two parties will come out with a concrete decision as ICC board meetings are to be held in the near future.

“Expect a holding statement,” The Times of India quoted sources as saying. “Nothing more, for now. The ICC board meetings are scheduled soon. There’s a likelihood of a new chairman coming on board. Things may move further only once that happens.”

Opinions are divided whether T20 World Cup should be cancelled. While there are suggestions holding it behind closed doors, others have pointed out the logistical nightmare it could prove to fly in players and match officials from around the world.

The virus will have to be brought under control not only in Australia which has sealed its borders for six months but also in other participating nations making it possible for players to fly out.

“That’ll be a gargantuan task. And what’s the guarantee that Covid is going to so thoroughly relent by then that crowds will be allowed. So, chances are, playing the tournament to empty stands. For something like that, to fly in 16 teams from across the world, flying in other working hands including match-officials, arranging hospitality, booking domestic travel for the scheduled month all of it is going to be a logistical nightmare,” the daily further quoted a source as saying.