Josh Hazlewood says the coronavirus pandemic would have impacted Cricket Australia (CA) but the dire financial condition of the national governing body has caught him by surprise.

CA has laid off 80 per cent of its staff for the rest of their financial year which runs till June end and players are expected to take paycuts with cricket events halted across the globe.

Australian media reports that the governing body will run out of cash by August.

“I was a bit surprised there but there has to be some impact, no doubt,” Hazlewood was quoted as saying by Sydney Morning Herald on Monday.

Hazlewood accepts the widespread ramifications of cronavirus and says the players are ready for paycuts.

“We are no different from any other sport. It just depends how long it hangs around as to how much it is going to affect us, I guess. If it leads into next summer, it will be quite serious,” Hazlewood said. “We’re obviously partners in the game and we’ve always said that. We have ridden the highs and now its probably time to ride the lows, a little bit.”

The 29-year-old felt the current scenario won’t be a replay of the 2017 pay dispute between the players and the cricket board as the relationship between the two has been better.

“I think the relationship is a lot better now, between the ACA and CA. It’s developed a long way in the last 18 months to two years, probably. There is a lot better relationship there so that will go a long way towards having this episode (handled) a lot better than last time. It’s all positive from our end and I think, from both ends,” he said.

“Hopefully it’s a lot better communication this time and I think you will see that in the coming weeks and the coming months. As long as they show a lot of transparency on all the numbers, all the players will be pretty happy with that.”

While acknowledging the extraordinary circumstances, Hazlewood expects CA to keep the deadline of April 30 by which, as per a MOU, the national governing body has to provide ACA with financial estimates and contract list.

“April 30 is what the players want and it’s in the MOU but I guess these are strange times. Anything can happen. The ideal (situation) is that they’re put out before April 30 and obviously then we will know, financially, what we can get ready for and how much of a percentage is lost and how much of our contracts are affected. The sooner we know that, the more we can plan for the next 12 months,” he said.