Spectators enjoying the game of cricket in Brisbane, Australia    Getty Images
Spectators enjoying the game of cricket at The Gabba, Australia Getty Images

Not a good news for golf lovers. According to Britain, it is considered as the most boring sport. It was invented in Scotland in 1497 and has been putting spectators off to sleep ever since. This has been revealed in a poll conducted in Great Britain wherein voters termed golf as the most boring game. However, the talking point is that cricket features in this list at the second spot. The third, fourth and fifth spot is grabbed by Bridge, Chess and Snooker respectively.

Check out the whole list:

1. Golf

2. Cricket

3. Bridge

4. Chess

5. Snooker

6. Dressage

7. Fishing

8. Darts

9. Bowls

10. Football

11. Draughts

12. Formula One

13. Show jumping

14. Ultimate Frisbee

15. Horse racing

16. American football

17. Rugby

18. Curling

19. Tennis

20. Boxing

21. Fencing

22. Baseball

23. Netball

24. Ten-pin bowling

25. Water polo

26. Archery

27. Superbike racing

28. Gymnastics

29. Hurling

30. Diving

Gregory Tatton-Brown, a spokesman for online casino Casumo.com, who commissioned the research, stated, “Brits have a funny relationship with sports that many people would consider boring . Some people almost enjoy the fact that their favourite sports are dull as dishwater, as it gives them a sense of pride about loving something most people can t understand. But for the vast majority of us, their confusing rules and slow pace mean they re impenetrable to all but the most dedicated followers.”