Cricket World Cup 2019: Bristol washout gives Pakistan, Sri Lanka one point each

BRISTOL: Game 11 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 at Bristol’s County Ground has been called off on account of rain, with Pakistan and Sri Lanka each handed one point for the wash out.

The decision was taken by the match officials at 3:45 local time.

This was the third match for both teams, each of whom has won one and lost one match in the World Cup.

Early morning rain did not abate, as a steady drizzle enveloped the ground all morning and into the afternoon. The scheduled toss at 10:00 am never happened, and the ground staff worked diligently all day to try and ensure a game was possible.

The on-field umpires Nigel Llong and Ian Gould and reserve umpire Rod Tucker inspected the field at 2:30pm local time. Mickey Arthur, Pakistan’s coach, joined them briefly. After 15 minutes, the umpires went back inside.


A second inspection was made at 3:15pm local time, and half an hour later the decision to call off the game was taken.

The cutoff time for a T20 match had been set at 4:15 local time. Unfortunately, the ground staff did not have enough time to get the ground ready. Further rain was forecast as well.

The two teams had delayed their arrival at the County Ground until a couple hours after the scheduled 10:30am start. Many Pakistan fans braved the cold and the rain to arrive at the ground, where they remained upbeat and vocal. Once the teams arrived, a large section of fans turned boisterous when a few players came out onto the balcony and waved.