Cricketers warned over pornographic picture used on Twitter

The pornographic picture appeared to make fun of new Derbyshire Premier League champions Swarkestone ©  Getty Images

Sep 27, 2013

Cricketers in Derbyshire have been warned about the use of social networking sites after a row began relating to a pornographic image being circulated.

An explicit image made the rounds on Twitter, which appeared to make fun of the new Derbyshire Premier League champions Swarkestone. The Derbyshire County Cricket League has sent a warning in relation to the matter, reports the Derby Telegraph.

The row has been dubbed as defamatory and pornographic and an investigation has been started to find out the origin of the message. Cricketers at other County League an Premier League clubs have been warned about the consequences of being involved in the controversy.

Derbyshire County Cricket League Chairman Mark Hallows in a statement said: “The league executive have been informed that players playing in the Derbyshire County Cricket League have received tweets containing both defamatory and pornographic material that has allegedly been posted by a player from another league.”

“This material concerns a club that plays in the Derbyshire Premier Cricket League, its players and officials.

“We are also informed that individual members of the club are pursuing their own law suits through the legal system and that the Premier League are conducting their own investigations related to tweeting and re-tweeting the material by Premier League players.

“We are currently undertaking, as requested by member clubs, our own investigations related to ‘re-tweets’ and clubs will be informed of any individual who is alleged to have ‘re-tweeted’.

“This is very likely to bring the league into disrepute and will be dealt with appropriately through investigation and hearing.

“Anyone in receipt of this material should inform the league secretary.

“We are very sorry to have to advise of this situation but in the interests of all concerned we wish to curtail any activity related to this information as quickly as possible and to limit any possibility of further distribution of this material or further defamatory comments being added.”