Curtly Ambrose recalls rivalry with Steve Waugh

Curtly Ambrose (L) believes his stare was enough to send shivers down the spine of batsmen Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Sep 13, 2011

West Indies legend Curtly Ambrose, who was inducted in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame on Monday, recalled the time when he aggressively confronted former Australian captain Steve Waugh during a Test series between the West Indies and Australia in 1995.

Revisiting the incident, Ambrose said that Waugh uttered something that he did not like and decided to it give back in double measure.

“I m not one of those guys who really, you know, gets into any kind of confrontation with cricketers. My stare, you know, does a lot for me and I always believe that, I prefer that the ball do the talking for me. And, in case of Steve Waugh, I’ve always rated him highly and, I want to believe that he has given me the same kind of respect,” said Ambrose.

He further added: “And, it was the heat of the moment. It was a very fierce competition between Australia and West Indies. We were one nil down in the series. There was a bit of a pressure, tension. We are on the brink of losing our number one status, and, you know, I just sort of, he said something that I didn’t like. So, I just thought that he should have shown me a little more respect.”

“So, I thought that, my first impression was to just let it go and then, after thinking about it, I said no, you know, I started to think to retaliate a little bit. In the heat of the moment, I really wanted to physically beat him, you know to be quite fair,” said Ambrose.

“But, the funny thing about it, it happened on a pitch for a brief moment. Nothing else was said after that. You know, I still have the highest respect for him (Waugh), and I believe he has the highest respect for me,” Ambrose said.