Daksh Agarwal said that he wants to play for Mumbai © Getty Images (representational image)
Daksh Agarwal added he wants to play for Mumbai © Getty Images (representational image)

Mumbai: It was a Harris Shield match between between Vibgyor High, Goregaon, and St Joseph’s Secondary, Malad on Wednesday in the country’s financial capital Mumbai. The contest witnessed an extraordinary event where nine runs were scored off a single ball. It so happened that Vibgyor High’s left-arm spinner Daksh Agarwal had picked up nine wickets and the team wished that he should take his 10th too and thereby make a clean sweep of all the wickets. Hence, another spinner Ujjwal Goyal deliberately bowled loose deliveries, one of them a beamer which landed in the wicketkeeper’s gloves. The batters ran nine runs off that ball as the keeper did not dislodge the bails as everyone wished 14-year-old Daksh to get his 10th scalp. READ: Wasim Jaffer’s nephew Arman Jaffer scores 473 to break Harris Shield record

A report published in DNA said that it was a humorous contest after St Joseph had lost its ninth wicket. It saw bowlers purposely bowling balls which could not fetch them an easy wicket to enable Daksh achieve the rare feat of equaling Anil Kumble’s 10 wickets in an innings; but that was in Test cricket. Still in school competitions as well it is a big milestone. After being unsuccessful in getting the final wicket, Daksh got the last batsman run-out off his own bowling. The batter struck the ball straight in his hands and thought that he won’t run him out but was wrong. Daksh, who was a little frustrated at that point of time on not getting the last wicket dislodged the bails and put an end to St Joseph’s innings. It ensured that he was involved in picking all the wickets in a way although he failed to pick a 10-wicket-haul. READ: Sachin Tendulkar approached to be brand ambassador of Harris and Giles Shield

Daksh was quoted after the match saying, “I am not disappointed. I have an all-10. My team won. So what if my 10th wicket is a run out. I am proud. I am happy that it was me who effected the run out. My coach had faith in me that I can take 10 wickets. I want my team to reach the final.” He added that he aspired to play for Mumbai, “I want to play for Mumbai. I could not make it to the selection tournaments, but I am desperate to be there and that is my dream,”

Meanwhile, Ujjwal said,” I am disappointed. He [Daksh] deserved it because he has worked hard and bowled really well. I tried hard not to take a wicket from the other end after Daksh picked up his ninth victim. That’s why I bowled those weird deliveries. We have been family friends for more than three generations and I am sad that my friend could not take an all-10.”