Delhi Daredevils display Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali quotes to motivate players

The quotes are displayed in Delhi Daredevils’ ‘Team Room’ in their hotel © PTI

New Delhi: Mar 29, 2013

In a bid to motivate the players, the Delhi Daredevils management has decided to create a ‘Wall of Fame’ aimed at inspiring Virender Sehwag and Co during the gruelling 55-day Indian Premier League.

In the team hotel, there is a designated ‘Team Room’, which has huge posters carrying some famous lines quoted by American basketball legend Michael Jordan and boxer Muhammad Ali to inspire the players before the home games.

For example, in one of the walls, there is Jordan’s quote, “Talent win games, but teamwork, intelligence, wins championship.”

Hemant Dua, the marketing head of Delhi Daredevils, told PTI, “This is our way of trying to motivate the players before a big game. They would assemble in this room before a match and from there would leave for the ground.”

The two stand-out quotes that have been used are that of Ali and another former NBA defender Bobby Jones.

“I hated every minute of training But I said ‘Don’t Quit’. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as champion,” the famous Ali quote screams from one of the walls.

However, one quotable quote that is difficult to get out of the head, is the one from Jones.

“Competitive Sports are played mainly on a five-and-half inch court. The space between your ears.”

A Daredevils official informed that they also would have motivational videos shown to the players, which can suitably charge them up before a big game.