Dhoni's skills on par with Healy, says England wicket-keeping coach

England wicket-keeping coach Brice French (R) believes MS Dhoni had a tough time in England mainly due to wobbling ball Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Hyderabad: Oct 17, 2011

Indian captain MS Dhoni s wicket-keeping skills are as good as that of former Australian wicket-keeper Ian Healy feels England wicket-keeping coach, Bruce French.

Speaking about MS Dhoni, French was quoted in Sunday Express as saying, “He s neck and neck with Healy. Dhoni s got really relaxed hands, and he s one of those keepers that naturally expect to catch every ball. He s not worried about any interference and it s like the batsman is invisible to him.

“You can see that by the way his hands move even when a ball is hit for four. There is a slight twitch there with his gloves, and he s always in the right position.”

French also feels that it was a shame that Indian captain was criticised for poor keeping in England knowing that conditions in England are tough to keep against swing bowlers.

He said, “It s a shame that Dhoni had a bad time really. But it worked in our favour, so I m not complaining. I have always admired him as a wicket-keeper. And it s not nice to hear (negative) comments about such a great wicket-keeper just because of the wobbling ball.”

“I think Dhoni dropped a couple in the first game and he got a bit of tension there. If you are trying to catch a ball with tensed hands, you are in trouble and that s what went wrong for him,” he adds.

French believes if Dhoni is made to hone his keeping skills, he can attain greatness even with the gloves.

“If I was with the Indian team, I would make him work his backside off. Such a great talent, combined with hard work could make him one of the greatest wicket-keepers of all time,” said French.