Disqualified Bihar Cricket Association committee still conducting BCCI events: Jagnnath Singh

Despite the Committee of Administrators (CoA) accepting that there are internal issues within the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) that need to be looked into immediately, BCA president Jagnnath Singh has written to the CoA saying that nothing has changed and that the disqualified committee of the BCA led by Gopal Bohra and Rabi Shankar Prasad Singh are still calling the shots in all matters related to the BCCI.

In the letter, accessed by IANS, the BCA chief has once again requested the CoA to stop the injustice that is being carried out, which is also having an adverse impact on the young cricketers from the state. He also made his surprise known at how the BCCI is allowing the disqualified committee to run the show.

“I have had (in) no occasion in my life seen such situations which are being allowed by the BCCI to conduct its event by a completely disqualified committee led by Bohra and Singh. On one hand the BCCI in the name of taking decision is delaying the matter though it has declared two conflicting factions of BCA, one led by me and the other by Bohra and Singh, self styled constituted committee.

“For reasons best known to the CoA, such a disqualified committee led by Bohra and Singh is being allowed to conduct the events of the BCCI, in the name of BCCI, which has been protested by me by email and telephonic conversations. The BCCI is religiously maintaining silence for reasons not known to others,” he wrote.

The BCA chief further pointed at the illegal activities being carried out, which are ultimately hampering the budding talents from the state. He not only pointed at the process of selection, but also at the appointment of selectors.

“To throw light on the selection of the U-16 players for Vijay Merchant Trophy, no domestic matches/tournaments/selection trials have taken place, but players have been notified (of their selection) and while some of the players are tainted, some have birth certificates which are forged.

“Jisuanul Yakin, selected as chairman of the senior selection committee, presently resides in the UAE and has not interacted with the senior players of Bihar. Moreover, every selection committee member and support staff have been notified without following the norms for their selection.

“I don’t have words to explain the illegalities being allowed to be perpetuated by the BCCI against the talented players of Bihar. The BCCI is required to self incriminate itself or in turn I may also be allowed to send the list of players selected to represent Bihar. I have requested (for the same) but the BCCI has maintained silence. I am knocking the doors of the BCCI for the relief of the talented players of Bihar so that their talent may not be destroyed or sold by the disqualified committee,” he explained.