England batsmen have to improve to beat Australia in return Ashes: Geoffrey Boycott

Geoffrey Boycott feels the expectation outweighed the reality for England in the recently-concluded Ashes series © Getty Images

Aug 26, 2013

Former England captain Geoffrey Boycott feels that if England’s top batsmen perform to their abilities, they can still be much better than an improved Australian side when the two sides meet in November for the reverse Ashes.

“If we can pick ourselves up and get our best batsmen playing to their ability it does not matter how much improvement Australia make, we will still be good enough to beat them providing we do not make any more selection blunders,” Boycott wrote in his column for The Telegraph.

“It has not been a memorable series. The expectation has outweighed the reality. What we have seen are moments of drama, sweet batting from Ian Bell, quality bowling by James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann and in between times some fairly average cricket.” he added.

Backing his comments Boycott further mentioned that England are much more prepared for a match than Australia who have done most of the talking but yet to secure any fruitful results touring England.

Boycott also criticised England selectors for the team that went in to play the final Test at The Oval. According to the former England player, the selectors have equally to blame for debutant Simon Kerrigan’s disappointing performance in the match.

“Kerrigan’s bowling was a nightmare. It was embarrassing to watch. We can all sympathise with his stage fright and nerves. To watch that young man have the worst cricketing experience of his life was not pleasant. But it was not all his fault. Our selectors have to accept a great deal of responsibility and criticism for putting him in that situation,” Boycott wrote in his column for the newspaper.

More than average and number of wickets as criteria, Boycott feels the selectors should also take note of the bowler’s action, character and mental toughness in judging whether a player is good enough to play for Australia. He however complimented Joe Root for making an effort at The Oval to get better after he struggled to put on runs throughout the series.

England who completed a 3-0 win will now tour Australia with the first of the five Ashes Test starting November 21.