England Captain Eoin Morgan Would be Surprised if T20 World Cup Goes Ahead
Eoin Morgan (© IANS)

England limited-overs captain Eoin Morgan says Australia would be wary of hosting the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia has managed to control the spread of the virus better than other countries with just over 7,100 positive cases, more than 6500 recoveries and 103 deaths.

They sealed their borders well in advance for six months and will be putting themselves in a heightened state risk should an event of the scale of T20 World Cup be allowed to proceed.

“I’d be surprised if it goes ahead,” Morgan was quoted as saying by the Press Association. “My reasons for that would be if you look at how Australia has handled the pandemic, they’ve shut down the borders pretty early, had a limited number of cases and deaths in comparison to the rest of the world.”

He continued, “Their biggest worry moving forward – a small negative to a huge positive – would be they almost don’t know what the immunity would be like if the virus does have an outbreak.”

ICC is meeting on Thursday to formally take a decision to postpone the world cup to 2022.

Morgan, who led England to their maiden ODI World Cup triumph last year, said even a handful of cases could undo the good job Australia has done in their efforts to keep the deadly virus in control.

“Having 16 teams across several venues has the potential to expose something,” Morgan said “It might only be a handful of cases to be spread, but when you look at how quickly it escalates, you weigh up the chance of playing a World Cup or postponing it, (which is) probably a bigger positive.”

All professional cricket has been suspended for over two months now since the coronavirus outbreak but Morgan says that the forced break may have given players a chance to refresh mentally.

“It doesn’t change that view for the simple reason that I think there are a lot of players that would have benefited from this break,” he said. “It’s not a physical break it’s a complete mental refresh from the game that we’re grossly involved in and have been for some time. I certainly have.”

Morgan, 33, hopes to lead England at the 2020 and 2021 T20 World Cups says he is mentally ready to get back onto the field having spent time away from non-stop action due to the pandemic.

“I feel at that stage now where I want to pick up a bat again and I’m ready to go as opposed to picking up a bat because I’m playing in three weeks’ time. That’s always a nice place to be,” he said.