England need to improve to stay on top: James Anderson

James Anderson said that England will have to win in the subcontinent to stay on top of Test rankings Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Nov 13, 2011

James Anderson admitted that England have lot to improve is they have to maintain their number one status in Test cricket.

“We think we can still improve. The encouraging sign was that even when we have not played our best cricket we have still won matches,” Anderson said.

“We are not just going to be happy staying at No 1 for a couple of weeks. We want to stay there for a number of years.”

The pacer felt that England will have to win in the subcontinent to stay top.

“To stay at No 1, we have to win everywhere we go really. Sri Lanka is going to be very hard we haven t won there since I have been playing. Pakistan are performing well in the middle-east, so that series will be difficult for us too.

“We are going to have to improve and probably use different skills than we are used to, because the style of cricket you need to win in those conditions doesn t have much in common with what you see in England, Australia and South Africa.”

Talking on the strengths of the current England team, Anderson felt that players have managed to filter all distraction and concentrate on the goal.

“One thing we have done brilliantly in the last couple of years is that if there have been any distractions outside the cricket, we have been able to put them to one side and concentrate on our own goals.”

The pacer felt promising youngsters have kept the seniors on their toes.

“We saw Steven Finn get an opportunity in India and he took it really well. Guys are doing that all the time, so people like me and Broad are on our toes when we come back into the squad after being rested because we know we have to perform well.”