England vs Australia Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013 4th Test Day 1: Prior falls via DRS

Australia had a field day as they restricted England to 233 for nine at the end of Day one  © Getty Images

Aug 9, 2013

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ENG 238/9 | Overs 90 | Bresnan 12*, Anderson 16*

England have finished the day with a few good shots for four, but they would know that Australia are in total command of the game here. The collapse was triggered by Nathan Lyon and his four-for was a good spell. Australia would certainly be the happier side at the end of Day One.

That is it from us for the day. Do join us tomorrow for the second day’s play and there certainly is a lot to look forward to.

ENG 214/9 | Overs 87 | Bresnan 3*, Anderson 0* OUT! Swann 13(18)

After playing a few crunchy shots to the boundary, Graeme Swann succumbs to his temptation as he hooks Harris straight into deep square legs hands. That has summed up England’s day as they have played poorly after a decent start.

ENG 199/8 | Overs 81 | Bresnan 3*, Swann 0* OUT! Broad 3(12)

Another one bites the dust here. Broad tries to hit a short and wide delivery over the covers, but inly manages to spoon it in the air for a catch to David Warner. Ryan Harris has his first success of the day and England are losing the plot.

Harris set it up very well as he had roughed up Broad with a short one oon his body.

ENG 193/7 | Overs 78 | Bresnan 2*, Broad 0*  OUT! Bairstow 14(77)

Bairstow is gone. He tried to sweep Lyon who was coming around the wicket, but was hit on the pads. The umpire gave it out, but Bairstow reviewed it. The replays confirmed that Bairstow was hit in front and the ball was going on to hit the stumps. Australia are chipping away.

ENG 189/6 | Overs 75 | Bairstow 12* OUT! Prior 17 (58)

Australia go for the review. They were successful with their first review. Australia are on a roll they get another one correct. Aleem Dar gave that not out as Siddle’s inswinger appeared to go down the leg-side. Australia go for the review and Dar changes his original decision.

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ENG 171/5 | Overs 60 | Bairstow 9*, Prior 3*

Bairstow gets off the mark as he punches one off the back-foot through the covers for a brace. Huge responsibility for both these batsmen as Lyon is on song. Bairstow then punches one through the on-side and the diving mid-on cannot stop it as it goes for four. This should help Bairstow get into his stride.

Prior also is away as he places one through third-man for a single off Lyon.

ENG 155/5 | Overs 56 | Bairstow 0*, Prior 0* OUT! Bell 6(17)

Bell pays the price for being too aggressive. He dances down the track and doesn’t get it off the middle of the bat. Mid-off comes across to take a good catch. Sometimes, when you are in good form, these things seem to happen against the run of play. A wicket maiden for Lyon immediately after Tea.

ENG 155/4 | Overs 55 | Bell 6*, Bairstow 0*

Bairstow defended one on to his boot and it went to Bird. The players appealed, but the third-umpire’s replay showed that the ball had bounced on to the boot. So it is tea at Chester-le-Street and it has been a mixed back. While, England have scored 98 runs, Australia have hit back with three scalps. Do join us in 20 minutes for the evening session.

ENG 153/4 | Overs 53 | Bell 4*, Bairstow 0* OUT! Cook 51(164)

Immediately after Pietersen’s fall, Bird bowls a maiden to Cook. Bell gets off the mark as he rocks back to a Lyon delivery to punch it through the off-side for two. Lyon is actually coming around the wicket now. Bird has his reward after some great persistence. Cook doesn’t offer a shot to a ball that comes into him and umpire Aleem Dar raised his finger.

Jonny Bairstow is out there and he needs to support Bell.

ENG 149/3 | Overs 50 | Cook 51*, Bell 0* OUT! Pietersen 26(35)

Watson gets an under-edge off Cook and it just misses the stumps. That one was too close to cut and Cook very nearly paid the price for it. Pietersen is continuing to dominate. Harris is driven behind square on the off-side for four and then clipped with conviction through mid-wicket for another boundary. He is looking in ominous touch.

Cook then pushes one through third-man and it trickles to the boundary. He gets to his fifty with that stroke. It has been a fighting vigil and he doesn’t need to do anything different with Pietersen out there.

Lyon returns and gets his man. Clarke took his chance and it has worked wonders for him. Pietersen tries to guide it through the off-side, but only manages an edge into the gloves of Brad Haddin. What a huge wicket that one! Ian Bell is the new man.

ENG 128/2 | Overs 45 | Cook 40*, Pietersen 16*

Pietersen is carrying the confidence of the previous game into this innings. He charges to Lyon and carpets one along the turf down the ground for four. He then walks down again, but doesn’t time. Tey, it clears mid-off comfortably and goes for four. Clearly, Pietersen wants to show Lyon who is boss.

Watson has been brought back into the attack — the only wicket-taker so far. Cook essays a lovely cover-drive as he gets on to the front-foot and gets it between mid-off and the man at cover. What a good shot it was! A joy to watch! With that stroke, Cook moves into the 40s.

ENG 110/2 | Overs 40 | Cook 35*, Pietersen 3* OUT! Trott 49(60)

Nathan Lyon comes into the attack and it would be interesting to see how his off-spin fares on this track. In the first over, he hits Cook on the pads, but it was going down the leg-side. Replays show that he may have just kissed the leg-stump, but it was marginal. Lyon starts off with a maiden and has Cook playing forward most of the times.

Later, Trott sits on his knee and padles it for four past fine-leg. He seems untroubled against Lyon and also drives him convincingly for three. Trott has now moved past Cook and is certainly scoring at a much faster rate. Siddle then strays on Trott’s pads and he works it fine for four. It was a very controlled shot and was speeding towards the boundary the moment it left the bat. England’s hundred is up with that stroke.

However, the next shot is even better. Siddle over-pitches only slightly, but Trott moves forward and cover drives it for four. But, Lyon comes back to get Trott. The batsman gets an edge on to his pad and it goes to the fielder at short-leg. It was a good innings by Trott as he took only 60 deliveries to score 49.

Pietersen walks out and dances down the track off the first ball. He didn’t time it very well, but it has fallen in no man’s land. He opens his account with a brace.

ENG 88/1 | Overs 35 | Cook 34*, Trott 31*

Trott works Harris round the corner and it speeds away to the boundary for four. England’s batsmen are now into their rhythm and have found their touch. Cook also got one outside off stump from Bird and sent it through the off-side for a four. We had a boundary drought earlier, but now

Trott and Cook bring up their 50 partnership. Much needed for both of them as they are looking for runs. When these two have been quiet for too long, there always is a danger lurking of them breaking the shackles. Maybe this is the start of one.  Here is what Ian Healy has to say:

ENG 68/1 | Overs 30 | Cook 27*, Trott 18*

The players are back after lunch and England have started positively. Cook placed one past mid-wicket for four off Bird. In the next over, Harris got an edge off Trott’s bat and it just shaved past the stumps for another four.

ENG 57/1 | Overs 27 | Cook 21*, Trott 13*

The pattern in the session continues. There are sporadic scoring opportunities and the batsmen have been milking the bowling off them. That is the end of the session and England finish it on 57 for one in 27 overs. It has been a tough fight, but England look very stable.

ENG 51/1 | Overs 25 | Cook 21*, Trott 7*

Trott is off the mark in streaky fashion. Siddle gets an edge and it bounces in front of the second slip. However, he wasn’t able to stop it and the ball went through to the third-man boundary. Trott then flicks one through the on-side confidently to get three.

Watson is probing the bat. He bowls one full and it draws Cook forward. It goes past the bat as the Australians sigh. For Cook, Australia have kept two men very close on the leg-side. However, he still manages to split the gap and get three. England meanwhile, have gone past 50.

ENG 35/1 | Overs 20 | Cook 13*, Trott 0*

Jonathan Trott comes out to bat. At last, Siddle gets a look in and it has taken 18 overs. Trott is kept on strike as he searches for his first run. Siddle is the key here and is the workhorse of this attack. Watson is bouyed by his success and is now holding his tight lines.

ENG 34/1 | Overs 17.4 | Cook 12*, OUT! Root 16(52)

The sun seems to have come out and Watson is back into the attack. This time he replaces Jackson Bird. Watson is bowling well and has now got his line right. Harris raps Root on the pads, but it was clearly going down the leg-side. There was an appeal, but perhaps the Australians also knew it wasn’t hitting the stumps.

It is quite surprising that Peter Siddle hasn’t yet been summoned to the bowling crease. Watson gets one past Root’s bat and and there was a sound. The Australians were up appealing, but Tony Hill gave it not out. Clarke reviewed it in no time. Hot Spot shows a deflection. Root goes back to the pavillion.

ENG 33/0 | Overs 15 | Cook 12*, Root 15*

The quiet morning continues and England weren;t finding it easy to get the boundaries. As Bird and Watson hold their line outside the off-stump, the batsmen are content in leaving it. But, they do get the boundary in the 12th over as Root strides out nicely and strokes a cover drive for a four. This would make him feel a lot better.

Harris then comes back into the attack and is welcomed by Cook as he punches it down the ground for a four. A little bit of momentum with those two boundaries. Cook then clips one off the legs through mid-wicket to run three.

ENG 17/0 | Overs 10 | Cook 4*, Root 7*

It has been a quiet beginning for England. Both Root and Cook are not taking too many chances and are content in letting a few balls go through to the wicket-keeper. But, there is a change in bowling as Shane Watson replaces Harris.

Watson starts off with a wide as it was too far outside Root’s off-stump. Haddin dived across first slip to collect it. Watson has some problems finding his line early as there was one short and wide which was also signalled by the umpire. Later, he gets his line right and doesn’t concede a run.

No boundaries so far for the England and the openers continue to be watchful.

ENG 7/0 | Overs 6 | Cook 1*, Root 3*

Ryan Harris starts proceedings for Australia and is getting some shape into the left-handed Alastair Cook. The first ball was a no-ball and England are underway. Apart from that it was a good first over as Harris was settling into his line.

Jackson Bird gets the ball for the first time in Ashes 2013. He has Root edge one, but it falls short of second slip. Good first over for Bird otherwise as he got Root to play away from his body, which fetched the batsman two runs.

Cook finally gets to the other end, but only because Brad Haddin was unable to collect a delivery down the leg side. Later, he gets off the mark by pushing one to fine-leg for a single. It has taken him 16 balls to get his first run.

The England openers are walking out to bat as Michael Clarke sets his field. The crowds have come in at Chester-le-Street, Durham and it is a great sight to see a packed house here. It seems to be a bit cloudy and we have to see whether it helps the fast-bowlers.

England skipper Alastair Cook won the toss and elected to bat first against Australia in the fourth Ashes Test in Chester-le-street.

After a lot of murmur about England resting a player or two and giving the likes of Graham Onions or Steven Finn a game, they have named an unchanged side. Australia, however, have brought in Jackson Bird for Mitchell Starc.


Australia: Shane Watson, Chris Rogers, Usman Khawaja, Michael Clarke (c), Steven Smith, David Warner, Brad Haddin (wk), Peter Siddle, Ryan Harris, Jackson Bird, Nathan Lyon.

England: Alastair Cook (c), Joe Root, Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Jonathan Bairstow, Matt Prior (wk), Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, James Anderson.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the most-awaited blockbuster series of the season, the Ashes 2013. I, Nishad Pai Vaidya, will bring you momentary updates of the action from Day One of the fourth Test in Chester-le-street. England have retained the urn with a 2-0 lead and could now look to rest a few of their star performers. Australia, on the other hand, will be hungry to open their account in the series.
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