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Atul Kumar has analysed a number of IPL games and some Test matches in his latest book on match fixing © Getty Images


New Delhi: Feb 28, 2014


A former Railways employee-turned-whistleblower on Friday sought to turn the heat on the cricket fraternity by alleging that almost all international matches are “fixed”.


Atul Kumar has published a book in December last year, ‘Bettors Beware‘, in which he has claimed that “fixing” was not just confined to the Indian Premier League (IPL) or other domestic tournaments, but was very much prevalent in Twenty20 Internationals, One-dayers and Test cricket also.


Introducing his book to the media, Atul said he has analysed mathematically and proved that “session betting” has been taking place in “almost all international matches”.


“Not that only IPL is fixed; all or almost all international matches between any two countries are fixed,” Atul claimed at a press conference here.


“In fact, not just players, even the commentators are involved in fixing.


“Session betting has to be taken into consideration. I have worked on mathematically on a number of matches. From scoring patterns and analysing those mathematically, I could see how the matches were fixed,” Atul, who had earlier written another book — ‘Inside the Boundary Line’ — in November 2012, said.


The writer also said that he had analysed all the matches of 2007 Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa and found that those were “fixed”. A chapter in the book is also dedicated to the 2007 T20 World Cup.


“I have done some analysis to see how scoring progressed during the betting sessions in all the matches of Twenty20 World Cup held in 2007,” said Atul.


Asked if he has evidence to prove his claims, Atul said the mathematical analysis of the matches could work as “circumstantial evidence”.


On why he did not file a PIL in court on the basis of his allegations, Atul said, “I hope someone else files a PIL in court and I can mathematically prove that the matches were fixed.”


Apart from 2007 T20 World Cup matches, Atul has analysed a number of IPL games and some Test matches in his latest book on match fixing.